Monday Motivation: Identify Your Dream…How?


By: Sydney B.

The Identify Your Dream Foundation is transforming tragedy into strategy as they aid our youth to overcome the loss of a parent.  It is the goal of the organization to empower children to continue dreaming, so that they will find the strength, hope, and power to heal!

“It’s needed! It’s a desperate need for kids to really express themselves in a healthy manner. Being able to process that grief as a kid is important,” says Deleah Samuel-Sharp, Executive Director of IDYD.

The foundation was founded by Deleah Samuel-Sharp, following the tragic loss of her brother, Dean who was violently killed, in 1996 in Pontiac, Michigan. At the time of his death, he was 22-years-old and a soon-to-be father. Deleah watched as her nephew grew up without having his father alive in his life, and developed the understanding that not only was there a void in her life, but in his as well as a fatherless child.

“We need to get to them. Statistics show that an early exposure to violence will create this cycle where the same people that were exposed to violence at an early age may soon become offenders as well.”

Identify Your Dream grants children, who have suffered a loss of their parents to violence, the opportunity to find their healthy outlet. The mentors of this organization work together with the children and their families of these children to ensure them that there are other kids who too have lost their parents as well.

The foundation offers in-home programs such as grief support, mentoring, community initiatives, and peace rallies. Their most widely known event is the Stomp Out Violence March held in Pontiac, MI. The march gives the opportunity for everyone within the community to stand together and march again all acts of violence tearing down their communities.

Looking into the future, the foundation is currently working on opening their very first building, which will serve as a hub for where most of their operations will take place. Foundation representatives are determined to ensure that Identify Your Dream becomes and serves as a beacon of hope for children, while steadily helping to increase mental health awareness.

For more information about Identify Your Dream, click here to visit their website.

As always… Be Honest. Be Humble. Be YOU!

Monday Motivation: Virtue – Girl With A Purpose

virtuelogoVirtue- Girl With A Purpose is changing Princesses into Queens. This non-profit organization has its focus on youth mentoring as it is their mission to encourage young ladies to become leaders of their community by targeting refinement, self-respect, and unity.

The organization makes it their business to help young women within the Metro Detroit area to make decisions to become great community and business leaders.

“We encourage our girls that anything is achievable despite what the media says as long as they are dedicated to fulfilling the goal,” says Lauren Gillon, Founder of Virtue- Girl with a Purpose.

laurenLauren Gillon, senior at Ferris State University, created this organization with the hopes of changing the lives of many young women. The Detroit native is currently studying to become a Medical Director with hopes of changing and creating health care policies. With Lauren’s burning passion for making a difference, the organization values success, etiquette, leadership, and sisterhood.

The organization is known for facilitating events such as community health workshops, conferences, sisterly group outings, soup kitchen and food bank outings, and their well-attended Virtue Summer Camp.

The group’s mentors consist of hand-selected women from some of the top universities and colleges throughout Michigan. All mentee’s are young women ranging between the ages of 10 and 14 years-old.

Within the next five, the organization plans to expand their efforts throughout other cities within Michigan promising to guide, mentor, and further society’s newest young Queen’s.

To become a mentor, all interested applicants will just need to submit an application and undergo an interview. For all interested mentee’s, all applicants must range between the ages of 10 and 14 years-old, be Metro Detroit Residents, and submit an application.

For more information about Virtue-Girls With A Purpose, click here to visit their website.

As always… Be Honest. Be Humble. Be YOU!



Epic Snapchat Challenge: Week 3 Recap


Have you accepted the challenge yet?

Week 3  of the Epic Snapchat Campaign features many of the industry’s hottest media moguls who are currently turning up the heat in entertainment news. We’re sure that many of you have thought to yourself…”Well what exactly is a social bee?”

Now until October 8th, these moguls, with the help of friends, will show you exactly what it means to be honest, be humble, and simply being YOU as a Social Bee using The Social B.’s Snapchat Page! Be sure to follow us for more super interesting videos on Snapchat at @thesocialbshow…

Here’s a recap from week 3 of the challenge:

Epic Snapchat Challenge: Week 2 Recap


It’s week 2 of the Epic Snapchat Campaign featuring many of your favorite media moguls in the entertainment industry. Now until October 8th, these moguls, with the help of friends, will show you exactly what it means to be honest, be humble, and simply being YOU as a social bee using The Social B.’s Snapchat Page! Be sure to follow us for more super interesting videos on Snapchat at @thesocialbshow…

Here’s a recap from week 2 of the challenge:

Bedroom Diaries: College Roommate From Hell

Let’s take it back to the college days…dorm rooms, 4-bedroom apartments, roommates, bills, RESPONSIBILITIES! College life was the absolute best four years of my life. It’s one of the many moments where the world is testing to see exactly how responsible and clean you can be as an independent adult. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught how to be a responsible, clean, and independent adult before coming to college. By independent I mean completing your laundry, paying your own bills, handling conflict appropriately, or even CLEANING UP AFTER YOURSELF!

This episode of Bedroom Diaries details my nasty roommate confessions while being apart of the Disney College Program.

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

Epic Snapchat Challenge: Week 1 Recap


This week we’ve officially kicked off our Epic Snapchat Campaign featuring many of your favorite media moguls in the entertainment industry. Now until October 8th, these moguls, with the help of friends, will show you exactly what it means to be honest, be humble, and simply being YOU as a social bee using The Social B.’s Snapchat Page! Be sure to follow us for more super interesting videos on Snapchat at @thesocialbshow…

Here’s a recap from week 1 of the challenge:


If It Twerks It Works: Man Start Twerking In Court

There was no shame in one Florida man’s game as he began to twerk during his court appearance. Calvin Lloyd Griffith, 20, is accused to stealing an employees car from  Miami Edison Senior High School’s parking lot. Griffith was caught on surveillance walking through the building, taking an employee’s keys, and then speeding away in the Volkswagen Passat from the parking lot, according to Miami-Dade Police.

Griffith, who was previously arrested on similar charges, was arrested on charges of grand theft, burglary, and trespassing. During his court appearance before Judge Catherine Pooler, as a means of getting her attention, Griffith began twerking! This was not just your average twerk either, as he bent over, placed his hands on his knees, and began shaking what his mother gave him! Not to mention, Griffith’s mother was also sitting in the courtroom.

“He’s got problems,” says a disgruntle Judge Pooler.

According to Griffith’s mom, he apparently suffers from mental illness and was off his medications at the time. Griffith’s mother sat in court with a bag of prescription medications for her son.

“Do not go back there. You are not a student anymore,” Pooler warned.

Griffith was slapped with a $18,000 bond, and was ordered to be held until his next court appearance Friday.

I guess it’s never a dull day when in court and its definitely not dull day when feeling the Power of the Twerk while standing before a Judge! You go Griffith.


Bedroom Diaries: Knocked Out By Karma

College is the reward for surviving high school. Most people have great fun stories from college and nightmare stories from high school. College is your home away from home where you can live young, wild, and free!

We’ve all been there a time or two where our parents believe that we’re once place and yet we’re somewhere totally different. Not to mention that when you have a significant other listening to your heart over your head will certainly have you doing some stupid things that you may have to regret in the future. This episode of Bedroom Diaries explains how I, Sydney B., was knocked out by karma! Let’s just say this was one bloody situation. Check it out and tell about how your worst encounter with karma.


Hottest Party Of The Summer: Nelly, Chingy, & The St. Lunatics


By Bre Nicole

The hottest party of the summer came all the way to Michigan this past Tuesday on August 9th, 2016, as  Vanilla Ice, Nelly, Chingy, and the St.Lunatics brought rising temperatures to  the Midwest!

If you’ve never been to a Nelly concert before, the 41-year-old rap artist from St. Louis, Missouri still makes every woman in the crowd hot enough to take off all their clothes, including bras!  There were even men in the arena ready to strip down!

Ladies, please attend a Nelly concert WITHOUT your boyfriend, as he may think twice on why he decided to cuff you and your relationship may be in question as your reactions to Nelly may be a bit extreme!

With it being 89 degrees outside and wearing all black, the sweat from my glands didn’t stop racing down my body  as I was dancing and singing along to  classic hits like E.I., Ride Wit Me, Country Grammar, Batter Up, Shake Ya Tailfeather,  Grillz,  Air Force Ones, Hot In Here,  Flap Your Wings, Where The Party At,  Get Like Me, Stepped On My Jz,  Move That Body, and his latest The Fix featuring Jeremih, which is a rendition of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing.

Before coming to Michigan, Nelly  hit the stage with Taylor Swift,  Saturday night at the Hamptons  for oil heir Mike Hess’ 30th birthday.

The two performed Nelly’s 2002 hit song, Dilemma, as Nelly hinted to Taylor “I know you know that song.”

14 years  later Nelly continues to win the hearts of his fans as he sets the mood on stage asking for a female participant to come on stage and sing along to the heart melting lyrics of  ‘No matter what I do, all I think about is you, Even when I’m with my boo, boy you know I’m crazy over you’

Nelly even surprised fans  with a special guest performance from St. Lunatic members Ali and City Spud, as well as St. Louis , Missouri’s very own Chingy!

The crowd went wild when Chingy performed his greatest hits like Pullin’ Me Back , One Call Away, and Right Thurr. Even I had to bust out and do the infamous ‘Chicken Head.’





In the early 2000s I was the epitome of what they called an ultimate fan! It was Nelly that made me fall in love with those light skin, DOWN SOUTH Country Grammar Boys, with that Midwest swag!

Although my mom doesn’t know this, there was a time that I  aspired being a video vixen/ video model due to all the hype music videos Nelly and the St. Lunatics constructed.

Nelly is set to perform in Las Vegas this Friday August 12, 2016 at the Drai’s Rooftop Nightclub. Find out when he’s coming to a city near you at




How Men Lose Respect For Women In The Relationship


“A woman who respects her beliefs is always in integrity and men are very attracted to a woman who respects herself. If he doesn’t, do you really want to date that man anyway?”      –

Many times us as women think that things will get better after we have given chance after chance after chance.  We’re so loving and forgiving, by  nature. But the truth is it won’t, because he no longer values or respects you as a woman.Something happened in the friendship where the man felt like he should no longer respect you.  Once the respect factor is thrown out the window, the relationship and  friendship  must end as well.

Don’t keep taking the same person back that treats you like trash simply because you all have known each other for years.

I have never had a problem with being the ride or die in many of my friendships and relationships. But the thing is, it has hurt me in the end, because these men had absolutely zero respect for me. I compromised so much of who I was to try to get these men to realize how much of a great catch I was. I dealt with a man who ended up having two children on me while we were intimate for 5 years . This man also violated me by putting a very defiling picture of me on the internet for the world to see. He disrespected my family and friends, yet I continued to pursue the friendship.

It’s not like I didn’t have a dad who wasn’t present in my life or didn’t come from a good upbringing. I think maybe I really didn’t love myself and wanted so badly to be loved by a man I valued as a friend, but was truly an enemy.  I  was so afraid to be alone that I took a chance on people who didn’t value me.

I stayed in unhealthy friendships that were toxic and were beginning to determine my worth by how these men were treating me simply because  I stopped realizing that I was the prize!

Once you stop realizing that you are the prize, the man will also stop realizing it . If a man doesn’t have to work hard for anything he wants, he then sees no value in possessing it.

Here is a list of 8 reasons why men lose respect for women in the relationship

  1.  Doormat Syndrome

Stop jumping through hula hoops for someone who is not doing the same for you. There should be mutual respect and a mutual understanding. A relationship or friendship is not one sided so don’t be a push over. If you aren’t receiving what you need out of a friendship don’t continue to do favors for this person only so they can continue to take advantage. Never let someone see your weakness.

2.Being Too Available

I had this problem bad! I would always make myself available for guys when they wanted to see me. It was always during a time when it was convenient for them, but inconvenient for me . Learn how to say no not right now, no matter how much you truly want to see this person right then and there. If he values your friendship, he can wait when it’s convenient for the both of you. Remember you are the prize. He is chasing after you because you possess qualities that attracted him to you in the first place. Hold on to that.

3. Overcompensating to Please Him

You do not have to be anything but yourself around some one who is truly interested in you. There is no need to manipulate or to overcompensate who you are. Just be unapologetically you and let that person determine if he  can handle all of who you are. It’s ok to be too much for someone. That’s what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.  Men want to develop a friendship with women who are assertive and confident in who they are. It turns them all the way on.

4. Giving Him Your Heart to Quickly

Sometimes as women when we meet a nice guy, we fall into the trap of fantasizing on what it would be like to be in love with them or date them. Take it slow. Learn what he’s about. Develop a genuine friendship with him. See if you actually really like being around him, flaws and all. Don’t fall head over heals without actually having all your facts. Emotions are fickle and very deceiving.  You want to read the book , not skip pages and miss out on some very important chapters. Men run away from women that fall too quickly because it makes it seem as though she is emotionally unstable.


If you lie to him, chances are you’ve already lost his utmost respect. Nothing bothers men or women more than a habitual liar. How can you build a friendship based on lies. There’s absolutely no foundation there. In order to have a honest friendship, you must be truthful with who you are and accept your flaws and mistakes in life. Even if that means you had sex with his best friend, not really feeling him anymore, or decided to lie about your occupation. If you did any of those things, you now have the opportunity to be truthful

6. Not Keeping Secrets

If he can’t trust you to hold his secrets, he can’t trust you to be his friend . He will then isolate you and will no longer want to be around you. He should be able to tell you everything he tells his homeboys and much more.

7. Not Respecting Him As A Man

Women have a tendency to cut deep with our words when we are in pain or have been offended. When a woman hits below the belt she then devalues the man, in which he then reacts to the devaluation by no longer valuing who she is. It’s a deadly toxic cycle. Always choose your words wisely and make sure you are not doing anything to wrongfully offend your friend.

8. Not Respecting The Boundaries You Made For Yourself

MenMen value women who continue to respect their own boundaries. Meaning if you told dude that you are celibate and don’t have casual sex without a relationship title or before marriage than hold on to that.

While reading 3 Boundaries All Single Women Should Have , I found out that setting boundaries is not about making threats or trying to control the friendship– – ‘it is about communicating clearly what the consequences will be if the other person continues to treat you in an unacceptable manner. It is a consequence of the other person disrespecting your wishes. Setting a boundary shows that you respect yourself’

The friendship will either become stronger or wither away because that was the only thing the guy wanted in the first place. Remember your sex is way too good, don’t f*** for free!

Expose and Ban Tomi Lahren From Speaking On Black Issues Period


By Bre J Nicole

Media is an outlet that imposes propaganda and ideology to influence the mass population. Social media has become the new platform that many indulge in to receive the news, trending topics, and education on social issues.  Are people that voice their opinions with a large following using their influence to change the world or to divide it ?

Over the past few months I have set aside  my differences, being very quiet and observing from afar on how television personality and online video host, Tomi Lahren has disrespected all progression made by black people with ending police brutality and bringing awareness and education on diversity inclusion while ending racism .

She is the true definition of a racist bigot and is the reason why we have problems in our country today.  There are many people in this country who think like her but do not have the platform she has to use her antics and say the disturbing things she says to a large population.

Her distaste for the black lives matter movement is clear as day and it’s all because she lacks understanding and lacks  the mindset of diversity inclusion .

Tomi Lahren is from Rapid City, South Dakota, a population of 70,812 in 2013, with only 2 percent of black residents  making up South Dakota’s population, putting the state in the bottom 10 in terms of percentage.

As informed citizens it is important to recognize where many viewpoints by ‘popular demand’ in media are being constructed from.

Tomi Lahren is a conservative television personality. When she reports stories, they are stimulated  from one-sided ideologies. It is geared to plot an agenda based on her own conservative beliefs. Sorta like Fox News commentators.

Tomi wants a position at Fox News so bad that she will go through extremes to say some of the most outlandish things on her show to land a big news commentary position . It is up to us the people to ban Tomi Lahren from spreading her wickedness to other people around the world.

Tomi Lahren has tried to shut down every black voice in America that has influence  because she believes that racism and police brutality against blacks does not exist. Go figure, right? At first she ridiculed Jada Pinkett Smith about #WhiteOscars , then Beyonce’ for her Super Bowl performance,  Charlamagne and now Jesse Williams for his speech after receiving the Humanitarian Award at the BET Music Awards.

I decided to stay clear on  what Tomi Lahren had to say about Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance due to not wanting to heighten up an emotional response that many blog sites had already  generated.

However after watching a very  alarming and critical  clip of what news correspondent Tomi  Lahren, from Blaze TV had to say about Jesse Williams speech, I couldn’t help but speak out.

Tomi showed  her disgust for Jesse Williams compelling words as he was picked for the Humanitarian Award specifically for his role in producing and directing the documentary Stay Woke #TheBlackLivesMatterMovement.

Lahren believes  racism is all just a figment of our imagination and that the only way things will get better in America is if we stop talking about race.  But when you have a population that still exhibits racist and prejudice behavior like Tomi Lahren, it’s hard to just stop talking about it.

In Final Thoughts with Tomi  Lahren, she downplays the BET Awards suggesting that blacks can’t gather to talk about the issues that still lie ahead, simply because it’s supposed to be an award show to celebrate music.  What Lahren seems to forget  is the BET Awards is a celebration of black lives, culture, music, and raise awareness on social issues.

The BET Awards isn’t in place to displace any other ethnicity or culture, but if blacks don’t accept who we are and all that we have accomplished, who else will?

The only problem I have with Tomi Lahren is speaking on issues she knows absolutely nothing about because she wants  so badly to be heard!

Check out what Tomi Lahren says about Jesse Williams below. Let us know your thoughts and comments below!


Detroit Women In Art: Who Is Taryn Macon


By: Bre J Nicole

Although Detroit has historically always been known for its beautiful architect and a place for  art and artifacts, it is  continuing to grow into a modernized umbrella platform for merging artists who enjoy  graphic design, photography, painting, and fashion.

Meet 24-year-old Detroit native, Taryn Macon. Taryn Macon is a recent graduate from Arizona State University, who studied in social work and  has decided to move back to Detroit, bringing her growing assets with her in order to revitalize the art scene like many of her fellow cohorts .

I have been  great friends with Taryn for almost 5 years. Meeting her during my sophomore year in college at Western Michigan University  and having the opportunity to be her roommate in our college apartment. While getting to know this free-spirited soul, she has always had an interest in great music, traveling, redefining social norms and paintings.

Her colorful, pop art has attracted the faces of many and her clientele is growing massively.  You can find her art hanging in  numerous art galleries, the homes of people all over the country, and maybe perhaps even in your home one day.

To call her my friend is honoring! I have watched her mature so much and I know her dad ( R.I.H) would be so amazingly proud of all of her accomplishments!

We went from going on dummy missions, doing “drive-by pop ups” on guys who didn’t deserve even one inch of our hearts, and crying desperately for some of these men to take us back, to becoming merging prominent members of society who are changing the world one day at a time! Women we have the power to change anything!

Check out her art below!

For more information on the pricing of her art please contact Taryn on social media.

Instagram: @artdealerchixk

Email :

Tumblr : art

Facebook:  Taryn Macon

Bre Nicole is a multimedia personality working in front and behind the scenes. She founded a blog site called, the fall of 2014, while studying Family Life Education and Communications at Western Michigan University. During her senior year at WMU, she received a full ride scholarship at Specs Howard School of Media Arts for Broadcast Media. Bre Nicole has also interned with Oh So Radio as a blogger, hosted on a TV show called 7 Mile 2 Belle Isle Reloaded and was a production intern for the Blaine Fowler Morning Show at 96.3 WDVD (Cumulus Media Detroit). She is currently an on air radio personality for Power96.5 in Lansing,Michigan. Media is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Bre Nicole,this young,ambitious 24 year old has also interned as a suicide prevention specialist and has a nonprofit agency called Saving Our Sisters that focuses on breaking abusive family cycles and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities, while providing workshops on emotional well being and healthy relationships.


Validation Comes From Within: Meet Detroit Hip Hop Artist Valid


By: Bre Nicole J Instagram: @bre_nicolej

What’s in a name? For the past  five years, Serbian Hip Hop artist, Valid,  has been working very hard on his artistry, gaining recognition in  Toronto, St. Louis,  Chicago,  Serbia, Africa and his hometown, Detroit.

The upcoming star has just released a new album called ” Reach High”, that introduces who the rapper  is with a song called “Validation”.  The song, produced by Fresh Kills and cut by Dj Los,  paints a picture of how any rapper can “touch mics, bust flows, but the real reward is that you touch souls”. He makes it clear that rap is bigger  than  the paper game and fame. What he wants listeners and fans to understand is how hip hop was and still is a movement that unites all people and paints a story illustrating a revolution, artistry, power, and creativity.  With lyrics  such as ” to me authenticity is a stamp of approval”, he needs no validation because Big Valid is his name.

While signed to Titan Records, Valid has gained the respect and notoriety of Dj Butter,  Producer Topp, DJ J Mac from Beyond Physics. Receiving radio air play at FM 98 WJLB, Detroit’s home for hip-hop and R&B, Valid has also been featured in an ad inside  XXL Magazine and on for the song Competitor, that was a collaboration between him and SupaEmcee. The artist has worked with 7 The General, Mr. Cliffnote, Pierre Anthony, Keith Murray, and Ellie Sandiego.

Valid , who received the name Mr. E aka “Mr. Everywhere”, was even requested to do a feature on one of Topp’s, albums called, “View from the Top”, which featured Royce Da 5’9″, Joe Budden, Kuniva and Bizarre of D12.

In 2012, Topp produced a track and used Valid as an artist along with Fat Ray, Stretch Money, Moe Dirdee, and Marv Won , called All in All, that hit No. 1 on 89.3 FM Top Twenty Hot List.

Recently Valid stopped by to holla at Dj Sic Musiq  at WIDR 89.1 in Kalamazoo, Michigan,  to drop the new album. The two sat down and talked on Valid’s musical influences,  such as Common, Mos Def, Nas, Talib Kweli, Slum Village and Andre 3000 just to name a few— as well as the new project , some special remixes coming up with familiar voices from Detroit, where the artist is heading in the hip hop game and who the artist wants to work with in the near future.   Some of the artists named drop include Freddie Gibbs, Dwele, and Big Sean.

Valid lives by the code of being authentic, allowing his listeners to savour every word he says in his verses. Valid’s music is poised with conventional substance of his struggles in the hip hop world trying to pursue his dreams while having many doubt him. Currently his new single “New Nasty” , produced by Nick Speed (producer of G-Unit and produced for Musiq Soulchild, Talib Kweli, Phat Kat, and  many other artists), is expected to ring bells, as Valid promotes the new definition of a classy “ride or die” lady in the streets and freak in the sheets.

Valid and a Serbian Hip-Hop, OLR, just dropped a new single “Underground” that is now international. And wait there’s more, Valid along with legends Nolan the Ninja, Semi the Six, and Foul Mouth, dropped the song “Alpha”, that’s laced with cuts from DJ Munja, who has built a highly respectable legacy throughout the years in the European Hip-Hop scene.
His new summer smash radio hit New Nasty ( Murda Mitten Mix), is filled with features from Dusty McFly and Neisha Ne’Shae! It’s one favorite that you won’t get tired of!
As the eye can see Valid has surrounded himself with some prominent names in the hip-hop community and is embarking on more.  There’s much to come from this hip hop artist!
Check out some of his work below!
New Nasty (Murda Mitten Mix) Ft Dusty McFly and Neisha Ne’Shae
Hit up for the latest news on Valid
FB : Valid
Twitter :Valid313
IG: @valid313
Bre Nicole is a multimedia personality working in front and behind the scenes. She founded a blog site called, the fall of 2014, while studying Family Life Education and Communications at Western Michigan University. During her senior year at WMU, she received a full ride scholarship at Specs Howard School of Media Arts for Broadcast Media. Bre Nicole has also interned with Oh So Radio as a blogger, hosted on a TV show called 7 Mile 2 Belle Isle Reloaded and was a production intern for the Blaine Fowler Morning Show at 96.3 WDVD (Cumulus Media Detroit). She is currently an on air radio personality for Power96.5 in Lansing,Michigan. Media is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Bre Nicole,this young,ambitious 24 year old has also interned as a suicide prevention specialist and has a nonprofit agency called Saving Our Sisters that focuses on breaking abusive family cycles and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities, while providing workshops on emotional well being and healthy relationships.

LEGINDARY LEEMAN’S Exclusive On Hip Hop ,Life, Music, Consciousness, and Staying True To Self



By Bre Nicole J Instagram: @bre_nicolej

It all started in the South Bronx of New York. Out of the 1970s, a new sound of funk  was developed with a faster beat and speech. Hip Hop and rap !

Although it still remains the same that the legends of hip hop will never die, there are many new faces in the game that pose a lethal threat.

One particular face, Legindary LeeMan,  a native from Southfield, Michigan explains just how the influence of old skool hip hop, funk, and soul has had  on his career in the music industry. Legindary LeeMan describes himself  not only  as an entertainer, but also as a scholar, philosopher, writer, pioneer and genius.

As an artist he makes it very clear that he is not a clone to  society’s perceptions on ‘new age’ music.

“Clones are people who try to act or be like other people. They are nobodies.  We all get inspired by people, but a clone believes in trends. What the hell is a trend?”, Leeman says.

“Clones have no mind of their own. With clones you just gotta kill them with being just who you are– yourself. If you respect it, you respect. If not, then you don’t.”

Legindary LeeMan creates his own paths in life with grace and humility, acknowledging God as his Higher Power. Having a raw style in fashion and taste in music, with his hair worn in a classic style fro, Leeman takes you back to the 80s funk, spiced up with spitting knowledge through his rap lyrics.

Legindary LeeMan shares,

“I respect my reflection in the mirror. I live in the moment of learning as much as possible”

So how did Legindary Leeman get his name?

High school friends gave him  the name LeeMan in reference to his last name and the Legindary piece stemmed from him always being a well known leader among his peers.

In his words “You become a Legind when you are not afraid to live. I don’t spell  legindary the regular way. I spell it with an I  because I am an innovator. I’m not afraid to evolve.”

Currently, the artist who is a graduate from Georgia State University and a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is endlessly working on his music.

“Atlanta saved my life. I never planned on being here. I went to Florida A & M  for  one year, but that didn’t work out. I got accepted to Georgia  State and graduated with a public speaking degree. Yes I have a degree ! College was  a great connection and I’ve always been an honor roll student . Atlanta has opened up my eyes with a lot of diversity and you never know what is going to happen. If you can go to college, experience it. Just know when you graduate you can’t get caught up with everything you are fed, but understand the more knowledge the better.” LeeMan says. ” I learned a lot about me and how to survive in a different way.”

He wants the youth to understand that the choice of going to college is theirs and no one else.

“You may be asking a lot of people about your education. And may be  you’re confused but the choice is yours. Make the choice for you. The financial point is a beast, but if you have the choice  to go and want to go for it. It teaches you a lot about yourself.”

With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in making same sex marriages legal and gay rights being a trending topic over the past few weeks, certain views on homosexuality were discussed. Due to the high number of homosexuals that live in Atlanta, LeeMan acknowledges the fact that there are many men on the downlow in Atlanta and wants people to know:

“If you’re gay be gay. Don’t hide that. ”

He also states how being gay seems to be the “new trend” that LeeMan defines as clones.

“I’m scared for the new generation because I think they  may think gay is just something to be. Like it’s a trend. I have no problem with gay people though because  those that are, are out with it. ”

Leeman wants people to understand that he does not oppose anyone’s choice in being gay and that his music is for all people. A song called  ‘Stay Black’  interprets just what the artist is trying to convey on being your own person, while informing his listeners that people of color seem to be the most mocked race in America and around the world.

Despite the name of the song, ‘Stay Black’ gives power to people wanting to be nothing but their authentic selves in a world that is so stuck on facades and image. The definition of living life to the fullest in Legindary LeeMan’s mind is ‘staying true to thy own self’.

“Black people are the most mimicked race out there. Other races shouldn’t fear blacks and should instead just respect blacks”, says LeeMan. “Stay black is not to discriminate any race. It’s just explaining how everything is derived from the black race. We all come from the same place. It’s not in offense to any other race. Stay black is just staying true to who you are as a goddess or god. God lives within you.”

Legindary LeeMan illustrates his art using samples of his musical influences from the 70s to the  early 90s. There’s no question on whether or not music has evolved. And although rap and hip hop are used interchangeably at times, the two  genres have appeal to various ethnic groups , populating around the world in many countries.

What we now know as hip hop and rap groomed out of a time during the fall of  the auto industry, collapse of  the steel mills and exhaustion  and lack of resources of social services and public housing for blacks and hispanics in the 70s. It was a way for the people of impoverished communities to unite. Artists communicated on the issues of living in the inner-city, while turning their rage into joy and embarking on turning their art into capital.

LeeMan says, “Music told stories and painted pictures.  Music now is so different these days. I  came up listening to Snoop, Dj Quick, Twista, E-40 Sugar Free, UGK, J Dilla, Mos Def, Wu Tang, and Jay Z.  I’m influenced by a lot of music and have been listening to Al Green and George Clinton and The Parliament to receive more inspiration for my music. One of the first rap artist that my mom introduced me to was Geto Boyz. She inspired me with  countless forms of  music from Rick James to many other forms of classical soul and funk music. My dad is also a  big Blues man.”

Some of Leeman’s other musical influences include:

Sade, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Outkast, Prince, Aaliyah Nona G, Lolita Deville, Erykah Badu, Tony, Toni, Tone, Queen Latifah, Kanye West, The Roots, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Devin The Dude, Gucci Mane, Eminem, Streetlordz, EightBall & MJG, and NWA.

Legindary Leeman also expresses what new skool is missing compared to the old skool.

“It’s missing the funk! There’s no funk! It’s the groove behind the music and having your own flavor. Music is now oversaturated.”

Don’t get it twisted though, Leeman still has an ear for some new cats in the game ” The artists I  listen to now are Dom Kennedy, Nipsey,  Dej Loaf,Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, ASAP Rocky, Future Young Dolph, Cla$$ique, MasterPeace, and new upcoming artists on the Internet.”

LeeMan writes his music from the heart, allowing the audience to share in his journey of life experiences. From life in the suburbs surrounding Detroit to moving to Atlanta,  took flight on a spiritual journey. He talks on developing a conscious awareness and also getting his heart broke in his music.

“Being hurt in different situations and happy in other situations has given me a balance of knowing pain, but also experiencing a happy and good life. Life is a  journey. It’s about knowing that things just come naturally. To get the happiness you want, you gotta travel back to that kid inside of you and tap back into that happiness you once had.  It’s all in staying true. When I write it’s more than me talking. It’s the universe. It’s a power within me.”

A song called ‘Burn Out’ featuring vocalist Tayla D, touches on the sensitive side of being in love with a woman but not being equally yoked.

“The song  was a real story that happened in my life. It is indeed a beautiful masterpiece. If you’re life is just all smooth then you have no story. It’s a lot of females with weak souls. Women have to realize that just being beautiful isn’t everything. You gotta be cold with a strong soul. If you’re not evolving then you’re dying. And that’s smoother than a left titty.”

So ladies if you aren’t coming with a beautiful mind and soul, LeeMan ain’t lookin for you.

“That used to be my thing, thinking with my d*** all the time. If you think with your d*** all the time you will get f**** . It  happens sometimes though players f*** up.  It’s business before buns. Some n****** get controlled by the beast.  I really had to learn that you have to take care of the business first. If a woman really wants to build with you she will.  If you get the buns then you get the buns but put the bands before the buns. It’s like the movie ‘Boomerang’.”

LeeMan’s mission is to inspire others to be innovative, confident, and to reach their full potential in life. When a person decides to build on  their own character and brand themselves as who they are, not focusing on society’s ideologies, a person becomes more authentic. He urges people to follow their passions and do things that ‘small minded’  people say is impossible.

“People try to block or knock your passions. Now I understand how to maneuver when someone is trying to knock me down. Once you learn how to deal with negative energy, you realize that everything is in life is still good,” LeeMan says.

“With some passion and  creativity you can do whatever you want to do. These days most individuals want to be something that they see in society and not themselves. However once we find our inner personal Legind that’s when life begins—S/o to Southfield, the Zoo [Kalamazoo], and the Zeta Theta Ques and  Upsilon Gamma Ques.”

A song that had a classic ‘drop top ridin’ summer zeal was Cash and Carry.

“Cash and Carry was in reference to me paying homage growing up as a kid. Cash and carry is about not owing anybody anything. In life you shouldn’t be in debt to everybody. That’s death,” says the rapper. “I’ve dodged death so many times. Sometimes you just be so dumb. Then you say to yourself, did you just flirt with death. Major shout out to the Original Cash Out Boyz of my city.”

As we discussed some of the senseless killings and kidnappings that have been happening in Detroit, Legindary LeeMan dropped some knowledge and said “My message to Detroit is to expand your mindset. Don’t kill a nigga over some petty s***. I saw on the news recently that 27 people got killed  over the course of just one weekend.  For everyone that got killed that’s 27 momma’s crying.”

Dropping music and knowledge isn’t the only thing  Legindary is doing these days! The artist has his hands on acting as well and still pursuing his first love basketball. LeeMan played for the Georgia Gwizzlies in the ABA and is currently a free agent if any teams or coaches are looking for a good shooting or point guard.

As for his acting career he has been in a few extras and gaining many connections in the field.

LeeMan says,”I want to see more of  me evolving and building my brand. Not only me, but people that I’m around and my community. It’s all a  collective art and business. One stop shop,  sharing my love., It’s all passion and I’m focused on my art and the people around me. If you aren’t building anything, what’s the point.”

Legindary LeeMan also has a surprise for all the listeners waiting for an EP to drop! Just wait on it baby!

Check out Legindary LeeMan’s music on and

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FB: Legindary LeeMan

Creators Vs Clones

Why You Should Take Pole Dancing Classes



By Bre Nicole J | Instagram: @bre_nicolej

It’s so crazy! Years ago if you would have asked me if I was interested in pole dance , I would have gave you the crazy straight face look and said ‘no I’m not interested in doing some of the things I see strippers do’ (No shade. I  just was in a pretty judgmental state of mind during my immature phases of growing up).

Until recently, pole dance  in Western society has been associated with erotic dancing  in the gentlemen’s club that men adore and  fantasize about.  The history of pole dancing, however, can date all the way back to a few African tribal dances before the 12th century, German and Swedish folk dance, the Victorian era,  and then finally 1950s burlesque.

Nonetheless, the purposes for pole dancing has  varied throughout the centuries.

While exploring more of who I am, I have become very open with my sexuality. I enjoy feeling sexy and looking sexy, even if it’s in the premises of my home.

I have done many sexy swimsuit photo-shoots and a few risqué shoots as well.

While branching into my mid 20s almost at my 25th mark , I have continued to develop a self-confidence that no man or woman can break!

Every woman deserves that feeling and instead of always looking for  the compliments and opinions of men , I choose to define  what sexy means to me.

Both of my best friends have had a pole dance private party for their birthdays.

My best friend Geena was the first to have one, but because I was just diving into my 20s, I wasn’t as confident with my body and my appearance to really enjoy the moment.

While trying a pole dance class for the second time for my best friend Katrina’s 25th birthday, I felt a  certain level of confidence and sexiness that I had never felt before.

So I decided to sign up for another class. I am now making it a habit to attend a pole dance class twice a month.

0185504f94ee5967449733fcfb6cca9bIt’s not only an extreme work out that can keep you fit, but it’s also a very intimate moment with becoming more comfortable with your inner beast.

After no longer being active in ballet, pole dance is another way for me to get my leg extension back.

I also look at it as  preparation for when I get married.  I don’t want to be a boring wife who can’t bring anything to the table in our sex life, and  spice it  up  with my husband.

I want my  future husband to know that I am very comfortable and confident with my sexuality.

On a lighter note, overall pole dancing is just super fun ! You get to be whoever it is you want to be for the time being and not feel embarrassed about it!

Who wouldn’t enjoy doing a few acrobatic tricks every now and then?

I encourage every woman who is 20 and older to try it out, and if you don’t like it… you didn’t lose out on anything.