The Difference In Virgin Hair Origins

By Taylor Winter (Beauty Blogger)


Virgin Hair Extensions is unprocessed hair, hair that has not been chemically altered.

Many people buy virgin hair and do not know where it came from, or what the difference

is between Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian. If you would like to learn about the

difference of these origins and how to properly maintain your virgin locks, read more below!

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Do You Know Your Makeups Shelf Life?!

By Taylor Winter  (Beauty Blogger)


When it comes to makeup, almost every women dreams of

building the most amazing collection and really invest time and

money into what goes on their face, but are you aware of

the shelf life of your makeup? I sure wasn’t, but not being aware of

how long you need to keep your makeup can be very harmful

to your skin and health in the long run. But don’t worry! We over here

at The Social Bee have you covered!

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