Meet Sydney B. 🐝

Sydney B., affectionately known as our Social B., is a native Detroiter that does not understand the words “NOT YET”. Her innate curiosity for influential change and talents in multimedia journalism, serve as the driving force behind the vision and creative standings known as The Social B. Her drive and passion caters to the needs of young and growing entrepreneurs, entertainers, awesome individuals who are beating the odds while serving their surrounding communities.

Sydney’s favorite quote to live by: “In order to succeed, your desire for success has to be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby. Sydney B. is an alumna of Western Michigan University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Film, Video, and Media Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising and Design.

With over four years of direct experience under her belt, Sydney B. has developed a burning passion for social-entertainment and is always looking to feature the next big story. Her craft was cultivated during her youth and brought the total dedication and drive starting at the mere age of 5. She truly embodies the “Social Connection” of community, entertainment and all round news.

Having interviewed celebrities such as Oscar winning filmmaker Michael Moore, Andre Drummond, DMK, FoolBoy Marley, Niesha Nashae, and Project Runway Season 1 winner Richard Hallmarq; along with a host of other community celebrities and city-based influencers from all round; finding the magic behind every mile is what Sydney strives to gain with every story.

Sydney B. continues to serve within her hometown as she grooms her skills and her team in broadcast journalism, digital media services, Television, Film and Radio. Known as an influential media figure under the age of 25, in the industry, Sydney B. reminds everyone that no matter what life may throw at you always remember… Be Honest. Be Humble. Be YOU!

Whether having to tell the story through print or by pulling out her camera and visually editing it together, her number one goal is to not only tell the story, but also tell it with integrity in mind!

To check out Sydney’s published writings and videos on CBS62/CW50 Detroit just click here.

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