Who Can And Who Can’t

Recently there has been a controversy on Michelle and Barak Obama’s oldest daughter Malia Obama. Malia Obama went to the Bryson Tiller concert for her 18th birthday with friends. Cute? I know right. Well not only was the first daughter in a bandu top and shorts, but there was also a video taken of her dancing pretty sexy at the Bryson Tiller concert. Many people felt that she should have not been behaving that way because she is the President’s daughter and others felt that she is a normal 18 year old girl who has the right to have fun.

Later, Kylie Jenner,who is also 18 years old, posted a snap chat dancing very sexy showing off her curves. Since Jenner has got her new body everyone idolizes her. Jenner’s lip kit sold out within seconds and also her new eye shadow. When Jenner posts sexy pictures and videos everyone loves them. We speak about how Jenner is like a mini Kim Kardashian, if not bigger!

So why is it normal for Kylie Jenner to post revealing pictures and videos, but when Malia Obama does it she is criticized. I have seen the video myself and yes Malia is dancing pretty sexy, but I also remember being 18 years old at concerts with my friends dancing. Our society has put a cap on who can do certain things and who can’t. Who can be sexy and who can’t.

Kylie Jenner is 18 years old and has a boyfriend that is 26 years old. However, no one criticizes that right? The media puts Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship on a pedal stool. Malia Obama is a regular teenager having fun and society should stop picking and choosing who can do what. Let Malia live!

-Paisley Graham


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