CelebriTEA: Meek Mill vs. Drake?

Credit: Getty Images
[Credit: Getty Images]
By: Grace Latimore

Now we all know that nothing about Hollywood (or Houstatlantavegas) is what it seems – it’s all lies and lacefronts. But Meek Mill decided last night he was going to let it all hang out. He tore Drake apart and blasted him for having a ghostwriter. Allegedly, Meek and his people found out that Drake had a ghostwriter after recording RICO and Meek claims he wouldn’t have let the song get out if he knew Drake wasn’t the authour. Meek went on to claim Drake never promoted Meek’s music because Meek knew Drake was a fake.


If that’s the case – why is Meek all of a sudden putting Drake out there? Don’t most artists have ghostwriters? If memory serves, both Drake and Meek have credits on their albums for other people. Some suggest Meek may have gotten the truth about Nicki and Drake’s past and took to Twitter in a fit. Others speculate that Meek just has a bone to pick with the industry in general.

Rick Ross tweeted that Drake was better than Meek but soon deleted his tweet.

Let this be a reminder that celebrities are just your average folks with a lot more money and more time to kill.

I’m off to listen to some Kendrick Lamar.

Salute the Fans Tour

[Credit: Instagram]
By: Grace Latimore

Future announced on Instagram a few days ago that he would be having a “Salute the Fans” tour. God bless him. Performing in four different cities at local clubs for free (yes, free). All you need to do is provide proof of purchase of his album and come ready to turn up.

It seems like more and more often celebrities are relying on surprise releases and announcements (will we ever forget the Beyonce album drop?) I personally love it – always the possibility for something new and ratchet. But what do yall think?

Hopefully this bout of performance and positive response from his fans will get Future out of Ciara’s iMessage and keep him on stage/in the studio.