Ariana Grande and Big Sean Captured Kiss

[Credit: Instagram @bigsean]
[Credit: Instagram @bigsean]
By Sydney B.

Aren’t they just totes adorb?

Well, it wasn’t too long after Ariana Grande and Big Sean finished filming their A Very Grammy Christmas performance when the two captured a few backstage smooches.

Early Saturday morning the Detroit native shared this adorable picture of he and his sweetie Ari. Ariana looked gorgeous and ready for the holiday as she’s dressed in a flattering red hot cut-out body-con dress.

Of course this photo was shared days after filming, and once it was finally posted her captioned it with “me and my Ari.” Awe, how cute! These two just make my heart sing.

[Credit: Instagram @arianagrande]
[Credit: Instagram @arianagrande]

Ariana Grande Disses Nickelodeon

[Credit: Getty Images]
[Credit: Getty Images]
There can’t be smoke without fire, and for Ariana Grande her smoke came soon after her Nickelodeon series, Sam & Cat, was cancelled.

It takes strength and courage to admit the truth even if, for Ariana, that honesty includes slightly dissing your former employer.

The actress is speaking about what life was like working for Nick. Although there were many good moments there were plenty bad moments as well, and Ariana is sharing them all.

“It was a blessing and one of my childhood dreams comes true,” she says, “For a long time, I was attached to a character that was nothing like myself. It was a little frustrating.”

It’s understandable that playing the same person on television, for many years, can become exhausting. Especially when she’s played the same character previously on Victorious. To play a character that’s nothing like you can also be frustrating, but wait!

I thought that’s why it’s called acting!

Lucky for Ariana, her troubles and hard feelings against Nick are long gone since her show has been cancelled. So no hard feelings, right Nick?