Changing The Movement: Why It’s Not Enough To JUST Protest

In light of the recent tragedies that have occurred around the United States, citizens are taking to the streets, outraged with the reoccurring issues of police brutality and social injustice. This year alone, about 561 people have been killed by the police.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with protesting. It’s an act of standing in solidarity, making a physical statement against injustices in our society. Protesting is a way for individuals to be heard and seen in the public eye, demanding justice to be served. However, it’s not enough to just protest if we want to see real, significant changes being made in society.

Recently, I read an article called “Why Street Protests Don’t Work” written by Moisés Naím. Though it was published back in 2014 and is not geared directly towards police brutality, it’s still extremely relevant, probably more than ever.

Naím suggests that the problem with protesting is what happens after we protest. Most people that participate in protests have “no formal affiliation with one another, no clear hierarchy, and no obvious leaders.” For the most part, these protests lead to little to no government response and no major political reforms. She asks: “How can so many extremely motivated people achieve so little?” Answer: “Behind massive street demonstrations there is rarely a well-oiled and more-permanent organization capable of following up on protesters’ demands and undertaking the complex, face-to-face, and dull political work that produces real change in government.”

According to Zeynep Tufekci, “Before the Internet, the tedious work of organizing that was required to circumvent censorship or to organize a protest also helped build infrastructure for decision making and strategies for sustaining momentum. Now movements can rush past that step, often to their own detriment.” You see, protesting and ranting is appealing to Twitter and Facebook. However, it takes more than a few tweets, Facebook statuses, and signs to achieve the change that we need. Ranting on social media and protesting without a real plan of action is not equivalent to activism that effects change.

Protesting and viral hashtags were okay at first, but now we need to take different means of action and start asking serious questions. Being a “social media activist” and a protestor creates a feel-good illusion that weakens true activism needed to make significant changes. We can’t just protest in large numbers when someone dies at the hands of police for two weeks and then let the issue fizzle itself out. We need to start implementing more permanent, political work every day and fully devote ourselves to building stronger, political organizations that form energy and outrage into real public policies.

Police brutality and gun violence happens far too often to continue to do the same tiring routine. I’m tired of shouting ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter yet nothing is being changed. I’m tired of having to explain how “black on black crime” is different than civilian fatalities by the police. I’m tired of people profiting off of black bodies. EVERY single police/black shooting that was publicized by the media has made a profit off of someone’s life, making us think that our lives can be bought. I’m tired of having to prove the worth of human lives in general.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of just marching and protesting and not seeing any results. I’m ready for real change.

Protesting is a great way to get our voices heard, yes. And this movement has and continues to make great strides in race relations and social issues within the black community. However, it’s not enough to just yell in the streets with signs and speeches without targeting the real work, too. We also need to be engaged in political processes and implement sustainable, political organizing if we really want to change society. The same problems keep reoccurring over and over and over again. It’s time for a different narrative, a different means of action.

Enough is enough. We need more than a movement. We need a revolution.


Usually I’m involved with the local music scene, but Social B’s as you know there comes a time and place when you have a call to action to speak amongst different things, and for me that time is NOW!

With the uproar of the 2 past police shootings, the murder or 37 year old Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge LA, and 32 year old Philando Castille of Falcon Heights MN, there has been multiple protests around the U.S. to take astand against police injustices. These protests included not only where these 2 African American men were murdered, but also in Dallas, Los Angeles, Georgia, Philadelphia, New York, and right here in Detroit.

The prominent “Black Lives Matter” movement has struck again as the result of an all time high of police injustice towards the African American culture. “What can we do to take our lives back? What can we do to stop this? How can show the supremacy that our lives matter just as well as their fellow loved ones?” Are all the questions we ask ourselves, but I think the question should be “Why should only black lives matter?” because at the end of the day we’re all striving for better as Americans. ALL lives should matter. Right? 

The highly anticipated statement of Ms. queen “Bey” herself ,Beyoncé, has posted a statement on Instagram stating;

“This is not a human fight, no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation. This is a fight for anyone who feels marginalized. Who is struggling for freedom and human rights.” 


I couldn’t agree with her more! In addition to this movement, I took it upon myself to start a “call to action” on all social media outlets for any local music artists to voice their opinions on injustice and inhumane authority activities. Since music artists will be the trusted vessels before any politician , I figured that this movement will allow every one of us to encourage one another to speak out and support each other as well. Here’s an example of my N.O.T.E TO SELF movement I had the pleasure on starting! Local Detroit artist “J. Reed” has something for all us, but especially for the melinated culture;

“UNITED WE STAND, TOGETHER WE WONT FALL. Rest peacefully Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and all the other fallen soldiers who’ve lost heir lives due to police negligence. ALL LIVES MATTER.” 


Do Black Lives Really Matter????

So what now? Another hashtag, another million likes or another thousand shares on any social media site? What will it take for the killing of African Americans to come to an end? I normally don’t get involved in societal problems nor do I ever have much to say but today, I am highly upset because something needs to be done and I can almost guarantee you that it takes more than a hashtag to make a difference. We if we as African Americans want change to happen in our lives, we must go out there and get it on our own and it starts with education. The answer to this problem we are facing today is education; once we (especially our black men) are better educated in every area of life, this country would be much easier to live. Get educated by simply enlightening the soul with tools and information that will help us succeed in life and beat the odds set in place against us.

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Expose and Ban Tomi Lahren From Speaking On Black Issues Period


By Bre J Nicole

Media is an outlet that imposes propaganda and ideology to influence the mass population. Social media has become the new platform that many indulge in to receive the news, trending topics, and education on social issues.  Are people that voice their opinions with a large following using their influence to change the world or to divide it ?

Over the past few months I have set aside  my differences, being very quiet and observing from afar on how television personality and online video host, Tomi Lahren has disrespected all progression made by black people with ending police brutality and bringing awareness and education on diversity inclusion while ending racism .

She is the true definition of a racist bigot and is the reason why we have problems in our country today.  There are many people in this country who think like her but do not have the platform she has to use her antics and say the disturbing things she says to a large population.

Her distaste for the black lives matter movement is clear as day and it’s all because she lacks understanding and lacks  the mindset of diversity inclusion .

Tomi Lahren is from Rapid City, South Dakota, a population of 70,812 in 2013, with only 2 percent of black residents  making up South Dakota’s population, putting the state in the bottom 10 in terms of percentage.

As informed citizens it is important to recognize where many viewpoints by ‘popular demand’ in media are being constructed from.

Tomi Lahren is a conservative television personality. When she reports stories, they are stimulated  from one-sided ideologies. It is geared to plot an agenda based on her own conservative beliefs. Sorta like Fox News commentators.

Tomi wants a position at Fox News so bad that she will go through extremes to say some of the most outlandish things on her show to land a big news commentary position . It is up to us the people to ban Tomi Lahren from spreading her wickedness to other people around the world.

Tomi Lahren has tried to shut down every black voice in America that has influence  because she believes that racism and police brutality against blacks does not exist. Go figure, right? At first she ridiculed Jada Pinkett Smith about #WhiteOscars , then Beyonce’ for her Super Bowl performance,  Charlamagne and now Jesse Williams for his speech after receiving the Humanitarian Award at the BET Music Awards.

I decided to stay clear on  what Tomi Lahren had to say about Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance due to not wanting to heighten up an emotional response that many blog sites had already  generated.

However after watching a very  alarming and critical  clip of what news correspondent Tomi  Lahren, from Blaze TV had to say about Jesse Williams speech, I couldn’t help but speak out.

Tomi showed  her disgust for Jesse Williams compelling words as he was picked for the Humanitarian Award specifically for his role in producing and directing the documentary Stay Woke #TheBlackLivesMatterMovement.

Lahren believes  racism is all just a figment of our imagination and that the only way things will get better in America is if we stop talking about race.  But when you have a population that still exhibits racist and prejudice behavior like Tomi Lahren, it’s hard to just stop talking about it.

In Final Thoughts with Tomi  Lahren, she downplays the BET Awards suggesting that blacks can’t gather to talk about the issues that still lie ahead, simply because it’s supposed to be an award show to celebrate music.  What Lahren seems to forget  is the BET Awards is a celebration of black lives, culture, music, and raise awareness on social issues.

The BET Awards isn’t in place to displace any other ethnicity or culture, but if blacks don’t accept who we are and all that we have accomplished, who else will?

The only problem I have with Tomi Lahren is speaking on issues she knows absolutely nothing about because she wants  so badly to be heard!

Check out what Tomi Lahren says about Jesse Williams below. Let us know your thoughts and comments below!


When Is Being Black Too Much For America?| EP.4|Season 3

Black History Month must be more than just a month of remembrance. It’s a month to pay tribute to our history and a reminder of the work that lies in the months and years ahead! This week on we’re discussing when is being black too much for America, and after Beyonce’s and Kendrick Lamar’s stellar performances and with the Oscars so White protest happening we thought it would be a perfect to time to highlight the injustice happening within our communities. Sydney B. was joined by guest’s Phillip Mosley, Jordan Mosley, and Eddie Coleman, and well let’s just say… this is some honeylicious tea that you don’t want to miss. Subscribe to our website and comment below your thoughts on this episode. Always remember… B Honest. B Humble. B YOU!