Down with PDA? 


PDA” Public Display of Affection. Usually seen in your local parks, grocery stores, movie theatres and Instagram timelines. Consists of huggin, kissing, touching, posting, filters, and emojis. There is so much affection being shown for the world to see, it makes me wonder are those couples that affectionate at home and off the gram.

For example, I know a couple that chats a little on twitter but nothing too “steamy” —but in person they’re like two magnets falling into each other’s magnetic field. There is another couple that shares everything about their relationship online and where they are in public. However, when they’re at home they don’t even pretend to like each other. I’ve witness argument and all. I’m wondering is this behavior common between the two types of couples.

PDA has become so important to the validity of relationships. Especially, within the millennial generation. Being “Facebook Official” has gone deeper thanks to snapchat. But why is PDA so imporantant in millennial relationships?

Are you ok with NOT being on your significant other’s social platforms?  If you are not ok with it, why?

I believe relationships are always fragile. In the sense that at any moment a person has the right and freedom to leave for whatever reason. Ofcourse when you’re married there’s a longer paperwork process for the division, but you get my point. At any moment a person can have a change of heart, and being in the eye of your public or lack there of…I’m sure that can bring about minor insecurities, for either party.

I don’t necessarily dislike the idea of PDA, I just don’t believe it’s necessary. It’s cute to post pics here and there of various events or trips. But everyday snaps of your and your guy/gal, can be kept for your own memory. It’s better that way. I enjoy coming home and telling my roommate how the weekend was without her saying “yeah, I saw that on Facebook.” The story is so much better when you actually have something to share.

Comment below your views on PDA.

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Ciara Shares Cozy Moments On BET Awards Red Carpet With Boo Russell Wilson

[Credit: Russell Wilson, Ciara Harris, 2015 BET AwardsMaury Phillips/BET/Getty Images for BET]
[Credit: Russell Wilson, Ciara Harris, 2015 BET AwardsMaury Phillips/BET/Getty Images for BET]
By Sydney B.

Cheers to new love and another chance at getting it right with someone better!

From slow dancing at the White House to spending time at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson give us a first look at their teenage love affair.

The young franchise player accompanied his leading lady Ciara to the BET Awards Sunday, where they posed together in front of several cameras. After recently suffering a temporary break, the beautiful couple looked nothing less than happy as they walked the red carpet.

“I’ve always had this thing for a rebel. I was pretty consistent,” Ciara shared with Hot 97 when asked about her dating life. “[Russell’s] an awesome person…Everything in life is about timing.”

Sparks are really flying between these two and we are loving it! It’s a nice change of pace for CiCi, even after a nasty break-up with rapper Future, she still managed to maintain her smile and grace. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that Russell doesn’t mess this up.

The “I Bet” singer shared a few backstage moments some with her baby boo, she refers to Russell as, and some without!

Check out her moments below:

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]