Compromise? FOR WHAT? 

Relationships are constantly evolving, no matter how long you’ve been together; your relationship is always changing. New relationships are the most fragile, because you both are still getting to know each other, what you both have in common and so forth. In that case, compromising is extremely important. Compromising within a relationship shows loyalty and understanding. The fact that you are willing to accept something unusual for the sake of your partner is powerful.

However, you both should always be on the same page. Never ignore the wishes of the other, it creates unwanted issues and attitudes that could have easily been prevented. Most women find this hard to do, but demands a man to accept her flaws and all.

No fair for the fellas. I just recently did a post on PDA (public display of affection) and how it affects relationships. It’s common for women to flaunt their prince in shining armor to their networks, but most guys are private. This always a red flag in millennial relationships, because social media is the place to share your life. However in the event your guy doesn’t want to be plastered all over your timeline every monday, it’s important to respect his wishes.Don’t jump to the conclusions that he’s hiding something, or he’s ashamed of you. That would only mean you don’t trust him. Privacy is all he wants.

Now for the fellas

 If your lady wants to discuss something that is bothering her within the relationship, although you may think everything is all good, still hear her out. That’s a compromise, and this discussion could ultimately help the relationship one or two ways, (1) you find out that she’s the one and remain in a relationship or (2) you find out she’s absolutely crazy and you need to flee the scene. At the end of the day, both parties have to accept the terms and conditions of the relationship.

Also free time, once again it’s natural for women to be around their significant other during free time, even during that time of the month (regardless of how mad she looks) spend that time with her. Guys on the other hand, free time is….actually I’m not sure, so I’ll find that out and report back. But anywho, from hanging with my male friends in relationships, it’s rare that all of their free time is with their girlfriend. Yes women want all of your free time, if we could.

 Here’s how women feel about men and their free time. Men spend their free time doing the things they care about. Video games, basketball, gym or even sleep. When we know that you have free time and we aren’t even considered an option for some of it, we feel neglected. We cannot help it, we cannot control it. I’m almost certain there are little women in our heads sitting at a round table discussing consequences for being left out. HA! Laughing but I’m serious. 

Ladies we have to stop being like this. I know it’s not all of us, but it’s most of us and compromising only strengthens the relationship. Couples show that you understand where your partner stands in any situation and find a common ground that will work for the both of you. 

And you’ll live happily ever after.

#MajorKey to Relationships

In the hype of the new Dj Khaled album #MajorKey, and this random #NationalGirlfriendday holiday. I figured I share a few major keys to help in a relationship. 

First, let me say, I applaud love, especially black love. It’s so beautiful to see, two people love a person so much that flaws are forgiven and the beauty of ones soul is seen and accepted. At least that’s what I think love is like. 

But about those major keys. I’ve noticed being in a relationship requires patience. You have to be patient with one another for the fact that you both are constantly learning each other and growing together. I’ve learned that relationships are difficult when you aren’t patient with each other. You have to consider how they think before you assume anything. With being patient, you have to communicate. 

Oh I’m sure these sound like a no brainer, but people aren’t really implementing them in their relationships. Some people are really half doing their relationships. 

Communicating is THE major key. You want to communicate to understand not to just respond. This is why small argument boil over into fights over petty topics. If you aren’t having a good day, let it be know verbally. No one should have to distinctly read your body language, to see that it’s something wrong. 

The next key is empowering one another. Supporting “bae” is the best thing you can do for each other. Being each others biggest fan, showing love through the good and bad times. It’s guaranteed to strengthen your relationship. So ladies, if he wants to be a rapper, support him–listen to his mixtapes. Your opinion is the one he’ll consider. If his friends say he need a little work, he might think they hating. But hearing it from you, can only be truth. Fellas, if this is you I’m describing, listen to your girl don’t let your ego be the reason you don’t make it. 

So we have three keys so far. Being patient, communicating to understand, empowering each other and lastly, but most importantly–set time for each other. Pick a day during the week for about 5 hours and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t go to the movies are out to eat. Going to Applebee’s is not it, go for a walk, to the beach. Have a picnic or just say in. During this time talk to each other, catch up. Life keep us busy, if you have somebody don’t just spend your time with each other at night, when it’s time to sleep. Meet up for lunch in the park and TALK. 

Everyone is lucky to have some to cuddle with at night. Don’t take who you have forgranted. 

That’s #MajorKey

by: Jillynn Reese 

Women of Color Wednesday: Taylor Winter Wilson

ALWAYSSUMMERTaylor Winter Wilson is a force to be reckoned with. A young black women who is building her empire as we speak. Taylor is a student at Eastern Michigan University studying Media Relations and Journalism.


Tell us more about yourself and your future endeavors ?

I’m a 21 year old college student currently building my brand. I love to write, that has been my first love since I was a little girl, but as I’m growing into a young women I’m starting to fall in love with the beauty industry as well. Although I feel like it’s already saturited with 1 million hair companies I decided to become apart of it because it’s one of my passions. So many people come to me for advice on hair companies based off of me always having my hair done or my YouTube reviews, that I was like wow I’m putting so many people on when I can be doing this myself. I know a lot about hair so people already trust my judgement. I feel like they know I will sell quality products because my reviews are always so honest and straight to the point. Media wise I still would like to persue journalism by writing for a magazine and I recently became an intern for Galore Magazine which took me 6 months to get but not giving up and connections really helped me land this internship. With Bronze Beauties, I would love for it to remain a student organization at EMU, while expanding to MSU, Western, Wayne State, etc. Black womanhood & sisterhood is so important especially in college that I feel like every campus can benefit from it. Being in organizations, giving back to the community and building professional & personal relationships really helps your college experience become a more positive and memorable one. I hope to also learn more about makeup and become a makeup artist. I have began to take 1-on-1 courses and build relationships with people already in the beauty industry. So it may seem like I have a million and one things going on but I’m really focused on achieving any goal I set and dabbing into any and everything I’m interested in.


What are you currently involved in?

I’m currently the Preisdent and 1 of 7 founders of a non-profit student organization “Bronze Beauties”. The purpose of this organization is to bring together minority women at my University and give back to the less fortunate and help better our community. We will be expanding to other Universities within the upcoming years. I’m also a member of the Public Relations Student Soceity of America and working on joining NAACP and Soceity of Professional Journalists.

What are some thing a you want to do to impact your community?

A few weeks ago I created this event I found on Pintrest called “Blessing Bags”, it’s really a popular thing that people do all over the country but no one locally has ever done it that I personally know. So my organization and I created bags with our own money filled with food & toiletries and went to Downtown Detroit to pass them out. It was a great feeling and I look forward to doing it again.image


Taylor’s Favs:

1.Youtuber- Aaliyah Jay, she’s so pretty and her makeup is always PERFECT
2.Make Up Product- NARS foundation has literally changed my life, great company for brown skin and black women in general
3. Candy- Chick-O-Stick* I haven’t eaten these in years but they’re so good
4. Music Artists/ Song- Beyonce goes without saying but lately I’ve fallen for Tory Lanez. Also I love PartyNextDoor, Bryson Tiller, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, Ab-Soul, Drake, etc.

Taylor is really making an impact in her community while following her dreams! be sure to follow her on ig:taylorwinter as well as her org: bronze.beauties!

If you know of her another Women of Color Worthy of acknowledgement, let us know!