Is Omarion The Father?

Is Omarion the father of his son?

Omarion and his Love and HipHop Hollywood Girlfriend have recently split and it’s all because Apryl refuses to give her son a paternity test to prove that he’s Omarion’s.

Omarion and AprylAccording to sources, Apryl and Omarion have a pretty good relationship, but their only problem is Omarion’s mom, Leslie. Allegedly, Leslie has been hinting to Omarion that his son looks to be biracial. She was also sure to mention that Apryl’s ex-boyfriend is Mexican.

Well, it seems that all of her accusations have finally settled with Omarion because he asked Apryl for a DNA test.

[Credit: eonline]
[Credit: eonline]
Now, the baby does look to have a little Mexican in him, but that does not prove that he’s not Omarion’s. He has both the same skin complexion, and hair texture as Apryl, but hey that’s none of my business!

A source claims that Omarion began to have second thoughts about paternity. “Omarion asked for a DNA test, and Apryl was offended” the source reveals. “She started crying and carrying on. After Apryl calmed down, Omarion asked again and she still said no.”

As a result, Omarion dumped Apryl! The best part is all of this was caught on camera and will be shown later this season on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.