Holiday Hustling| EP.7|Season 2

It’s the final show of the season and Sydney B. was sure to end the season on a cheerful note! This week on The Social B. Show she sat down with “What’s Hot on Campus Host” JaBari Anderson and together they shared a few tips on how you can survive the holidays. The topics on The Stings are even juicier than last week so you certainly don’t want to miss this on. Check out the full episode and be sure to tell us what you think below. Always remember…B. Honest, B. Humble, B. YOU!

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

[Credit: Iykons Flowers]
[Credit: Iykons Flowers]
By Sydney B.

Are you still at a lost for the best gift to get for that perfect someone? Well don’t worry because The Social B. has you covered with 10 easy last-minute gift ideas!

1. Personalized Coupon Book – Who doesn’t like a coupon book that’s solely catered toRomaniticCoupons them and their future needs? Fill the book with coupons for free hugs, breakfast in bed, a night of quality time, or even a free get away trip to the place of your choice, of course. Just make sure that the coupons you create are simple enough that you can follow through with them whenever.

EmergencyMoney2. In Case of Emergency Money – Now this is my absolute favorite because it’s two gifts in one. Place the largest bill of your choice in a picture frame and be sure to label it with these exact words “Break Glass, In Case Of Emergency.” This gift will be sure to knock everyone socks off and it’ll even earn the chance of actually being placed on recipients wall.

3. Jar of Energy – Who doesn’t love a large mason jar full of candy? It’s a small gesture that’ll go a long way especially if you’re careful enough to fill it with their favorite treats. You can even go a step further and personalize the jar so that it can still be useful once the candy is all gone.

BoxofDates4. Box of Dates – This idea isn’t just for couples either! It’s a great gift for anyone who you desire to spend a lot of quality time with. You’ll never have to worry about trying to think of “date ideas” because you’ll already have a cute box of them already arranged. Be sure to fill the box with unique dates as well instead of filling it with the basic movie and a dinner. Go all out and prove that this box of dates was really worth giving.

5. Grown-up Hot Cocoa Kit – Alcohol is this main attraction to this gift, especially for HotCocoathose who really love alcohol! Fill a mason jar with the ingredients needed to make hot cocoa and once the jar is filled attach a personal bottle of their favorite alcohol as the perfect mixer for their hot cocoa. Watch how many awe’s you get.

6. Design Your Own Phone Case – Create a personalized phone case for someone. Take a trip to your local crafting store and pick up small trinkets that you’ll be able to attach to the phone case. Include some of their favorites on the case, and they’ll be sure to love it. Plus it’ll be one of those gifts you’ll always see because well…everyone always has their phone with them. He or she that receives it will love it forever because it came from you!

WalletofMoney7. Wallet Full Of Gift Cards – Wouldn’t you love to receive a wallet full of gift cards to some of your favorite stores? Well, so would the person who you’re creating this gift for. It’s a two for one because not only are they receiving a ton of great gift cards, but they’re receiving a new wallet as well so go all out with this one.

8. Movie Gift Package – Everyone loves movie nights, and if you’ve been trying to set up one for the longest, but you’re just not sure how to inquire about having one this gift will surely send the message. Attach either their favorite movie or a movie that you both love to a basket of their favorite snacks. You’ll have the movie night within a week if not the next day.

BoxofMoney9. Tissue Box Full of Money – Don’t just give someone a tone of money in a card. Go all out and be creative with it. Fill a tissue box up with whatever amount you’re willing to give. This gift will show that although you couldn’t think of the perfect gift to give, you still invested time into creating this knee slapping gift.

10. Gold Initial Mugs – Make someone feel like royalty. Purchase the mug of your choosing and decorate it with their initial in gold. Now you can go a step further and actually decorate it with designs in gold or you can even write a personal message. Just make sure it reflects the time you put into creating it.

Happy Gifting from The Social B. to you!