Love Is Blind

By: William Lawson

Image via TMZ
Image via TMZ

Another one bites the dust. Bet she didn’t see this one coming. *pause for laughter* That was my one and only blind joke. Anywho, Stevie Wonder and his second wife Kai Millard are officially residents of Splitzville. The two were married in 2001 but separated in 2009 so this divorce wasn’t a surprise.

TMZ broke the story on October 8 and according to the court documents they obtained, the settlement states that Stevie agreed to pay $25,000 a month in child support for the couple’s two kids (ages 10 and 14). Stevie and Kai have joint custody, but according to the settlement he can take the kids on the road when he tours.

Now, if you’re wondering how a blind man signs divorce papers, then this will make your day: they don’t. Instead of placing his John Hancock on the dotted line, Stevie used his thumbprint. Cool, I know.

Image via TMZ
Image via TMZ

Cynthia Bailey Has Something To Say About Her Husband’s Cheating Scandal

[Credit: Bravo TV]
[Credit: Bravo TV]
By Ciara Page

Uh oh! Trouble in Cynthia Bailey’s “paradise”?

Maybe Mama and Sister Bailey should’ve kept the marriage license hidden a little longer than they did!

After Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Peter Thomas was caught on camera being too close and flirtatious with another women, wife Cynthia Bailey finally spoke out about it!

[Credit: Mstarz]
[Credit: Mstarz]
After coming on air with V103 Atlanta Morning Show, Cynthia commented on the video. Agreeing that Peter was indeed too close to the women in the video and also inappropriate for it, she makes it clear that this is not enough to use her catwalk legs and walk away and divorce her husband of 5 years!

“I wasn’t there. I saw the video like everyone else. It seemed like he was kissing some identified woman on her cheek….You know, when I saw the video I thought it was inappropriate… I don’t know if it’s grounds for divorce, but… I’m not going to set his clothes on fire, but we’re going to talk about some things.”

I’ll be honest we love knowing the latest buzz so that’s definitely one conversation we’d love to sit in on.

Just kidding. But isn’t it just the WORSE to find out something about your man through social media?

Well, Cynthia had no problem playing the game right back! She took it upon herself to delete all her pictures of her and her hubby on Instagram, and even made her page private to stray away from all of the negativity. I’m certain her Instagram account was popping when the news first broke.

What do you ladies think about this? Is Cynthia too passive with Peter and all of his ways?


Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida Are Getting A Divorce

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
By Sydney B

Uh oh, somebody better tell Kenya Moore that Apollo will be a free man once he’s released from prison because Phaedra Parks is moving on!

US Magazine reports that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her incarcerated hubby, Apollo Nida, are getting a divorce. Now although the shows latest episode displays Apollo trying to cuddle up with his not so receptive honey, Phaedra, as he tries to get back into her good graces after being convicted of fraud.

In an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, the southern bell confirmed their divorce, and even went on to say that Apollo’s efforts were done in vain.

“Well, we’re amicably resolving this marriage,” she said as she nodded and pulled a knowing face. “We’re resolving this marriage… resolving to dissolve, yes.”

What a shame? Didn’t he know that everything done in the dark will always come to the light!

Phaedra also went on to address recent allegations about her keeping their two sons Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 19 months, away from their father.

“I talk to him at least, if not five, six times a week, if not more,” Phaedra says before adding that the kids are “definitely in contact” with their father.

Apollo is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence in Kentucky, and once he is released their divorce will be final!

Hit The Road Jack!

What do think about Phaedra’s decision of finally divorcing Apollo? Is she making the right decision or should she stick it out and forgive him for his mistake?

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]

Amber Rose & Nick Cannon Spotted Cozied Up In L.A. Together

[Credit: Indian Express]
[Credit: Indian Express]
Since recently divorcing Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Hollywood star, has surely found high interest in focusing on his management endeavors – especially with new client Amber Rose!

Sources confirm, the Nickelodeon host took on Amber as a client prior to her breakup with  Wiz Khalifa late last month. According to reports, Cannon and Rose were linked at an event in LA a few days ago!

Nick Cannon appeared to support the bald beauty at the XXIV Kart Sparkling Wine Launch Party in LA on Thursday. Speculations surfaced as the two appeared to be inseparable at the event. “They were sitting very cozy in her booth. He wouldn’t take pictures with her,” In Touch Weekly states.

No matter how clever Nick tried to hide the truth it was quite obvious that he didn’t want people to speculate on their relationship. Even if it is just business, hmmm!

“We’re super excited about her brand. I feel like she’s one of those people who are truly an icon when it comes to fashion, style, and even just someone in pop culture,” Cannon says when asked about his upcoming plans for Ms. Rose. “I want to help her develop a lot of things and the first thing we are starting with is a book. We just did a huge book deal that we are really excited about.”

[credit: Eonline]
[credit: Eonline]
At least we know one thing, Nick Cannon and Amber Rose are handling business. But wait! What could she be writing a book about? A how to on twerking? Or maybe, her life with Wiz? It’s a mystery to the mind, but we’ll be sure to keep up with Amber’s progress.

“We kind of came up with a lot of the concepts together, but it’s going to be something where I think it’s going to shock a lot of people. I think it’s going to be really good for her brand and launch. My plan is to [begin with] the book then television, and so many other things. You’ll see, it will be out soon,” Nick states with excitement.

Well, we are definitely excited to see all things great about their new project.

Before leaving Amber was sure to confirm that her and Nick as a couple “Ain’t Happening.” What’s done in the dark will always come to the light.


Is Usher Regretting Getting Married At 28?

[Credit: Kenneth Cappello]
[Credit: Kenneth Cappello]
It’s no secret that Usher’s  divorce drama was nothing but barbaric.

The 35 year-old, R & B Icon, suffered a lengthy custody battle against  his ex-wife, stylist Tameka Foster. Shocking though, he doesn’t regret marrying her at all.

“Getting married at 28,” he says was his best mistake ever! The former couple married in 2007 and divorced in 2009.

“Most people probably think I regret it because I ended up getting divorced,” he tells O, The Oprah Magazine’s September 2014 issue,” but it helped me to learn that sometimes I think I know more than I actually do.”

Last summer, The Voice coach won primary custody of his sons Usher V, 6, and Navivyd, 5. Family has become more important than ever to him since!

According to the “Good Kisser” singer, his favorite family traditions are “reunions, or what I call red-cup celebrations: Everybody’s hanging out on the lawn, drinking out of those plastic red cups, eating fried chicken, and dancing to loud old-school music.”

“Sometimes the simpler the celebration is, the better,” says Usher.

Everything happens in life for a reason. Every mistake made has a lesson to be learned attached to it. It’s great to see Usher happy and at peace with things between him and Tameka. With the value of family becoming more and more important to him he will prove to be a great father figure to his boys.

Speaking of family, my favorite family tradition is coming together on Christmas Eve for “family game night.” The house is filled with lots of love and joy. What’s your favorite family tradition? Share below.