What are you listening to?

So many artist have been dropping gems in my apple music. I have something new to listen to for getting ready, driving to work, exercising…the list goes on. This is what’s I’ve downloaded in the past few weeks.

First things first….Blond x Frank Ocean: Screw him for making us wait..but lets all agree how worth it “the wait” was. Blond is amazing work. I will be honest, I wasn’t always a fan. When I first heard it, I thought it was ok. However, I gave it another chance while driving home from my internship one day and it definitely grew on me.

I can listen to Self-Control three times before I let the rest of the album finish. That song just resonates so much with my life right now. In addition to Solo, my other jam, after skipping his moms anti-drug PSA.

travis-scott-birds-in-the-trap-sing-mcknight-01.jpgI’m also listening to Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight x Travis Scott…definitely another banger. Truthfully, I’m no die hard Travis Scott fan, but I definitely appreciate his music for sure. I can bang Outside all day.

I’m still listening to Everybody Looking x Gucci Mane. Even though I’ve heard mixed views on the new gucci music, I for one enjoy every bit of it. I recommend listening to Gucci Please as you get dressed for your day. Start your day with the “Trapper Confidence” and I bet you have a great day.

I cannot forget about Daniel Son; Necklace Don x 2 Chainz–another get ready with me banger. Starting with the first song Get out the bed. That is what I’m talking about 2 Chainz. This is my put my swag on…it’s time to grind and make this money song.


But what are you listening to?


East Atlanta’s very own Roderick Davis A.K.A the infamous rapper Gucci Mane, was released yesterday from an Indiana Federal Correctional Facility after completing 3 years from violating probation. The highly anticipated release of Gucci has been discussed earlier this year but not confirmed, and now that he’s back Gucci’s fans are dying to hear the rappers first come back fresh out!

Screenshot_2016-05-27-22-43-56-1Long time girlfriend, Keyshia Kaoir, awaited Gucci through his sentence welcoming him home with a brand new Maybach! Talk about a true rider! We all witnessed her excitement and love for Gucci since his release and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to see. We all wish them the best of luck!

Gucci wasted NO time with those bars! He’s back to give us what we’ve all been waiting for the day after his release. Go check out Gucci’s new project “First Day Out The Feds” on SoundCloud. Welcome home Gucci, we wish you the best of luck!

What are your thoughts on Gucci Mane’s release and the support from Keyshia Kaoir?