A Man’s World… Or is it

What kind of world do we live in? Who established these social norms? Why has our culture manifested itself in the way that it has?

So many questions, so very little answers…

As a female in today’s society it’s not rare to get barked at by males, be  reduced to the color pants we’re wearing at the current moment, or even be thought of as sexual objects. Unfortunately this is a normality for so many.

Sure, some may argue that if females didn’t wear tight skirts or revealing blouses or the fact that they curled their hair and put on makeup, they wouldn’t get treated as they do. amber-rose-slutwalk-la-october-2015-bellanaija0003But…why does a woman’s attire and physical appearance represent her sexual standing? Too often today do women find themselves in a position that they couldn’t or shouldn’t have imagined that they’d be in. For these reasons, it’s people like Amber Rose that have started the “Slut Walk”, the no-shaming protest to end the rape culture and the dehumanization of women. If a woman is a bit more promiscuous than that of a nun, she’s every name in the book. The cruelty and slander is horrendous.


To make matters worse, our potential president-unfortunately, Donald Trump, has been interviewed, quoted, and filmed one to many times about his opinion on the female. Some of his many claims are that women are a distraction; their menstrual cycles, pregnancyy3hcusvl8wkq4l6f7xzgrdl72ejkfbmt4t8yenimkbvvk0ktmf0xjctabnaljim9, and emotional mindsets are far too chaotic, inconvenient and disturbing much less to be considered in any place of power or as president of the United States, referencing Hilary Clinton.

We know the setup, “what’s your name, what’s your sign, you got a man” etc. a timeless opener for males to entice a woman, but if theres a hint of sass given or an attitude underway we’re automatically the worst things walking this Earth. Sure, being dry or straight to the point  may not be the nicest thing to do, but if i’m simply just not interested or don’t want to be bothered why does that make me any less of a person. At a social event, a female was shot, SHOT, in her chest because she declined to give a man her phone number. Though she’s doing alright, it was such an unnecessary measure taken. It’s unclear of how nicely or rudely she may have declined his request, but why would that even be a factor? Why does a woman need to be a gentle lamb just to preserve her life in these types of occurrences???

It sort of reminds me of the senseless killings by the police officers. A man selling CD’s though thought to be suspicious or his activity even illegal, it doesn’t justify his death.He was shot several times at close range while being held down by other police officers.  If you’ve seen some of the comments of the videos that have gone viral you’d see some of thie ignorant nonsense people have posted. “If he wasn’t selling CD’s he wouldn’t have been shot, If he didn’t resist, if he didn’t talk back, if he didn’t stand there, if he didn’t blink, if he didn’t smile, if he wasn’t black….” so many hateful, blood-boiling statements that bring me back to the thought that no one deserves the treatment that society bestowes upon them. Whether it be a woman with tight fitting clothing that drank too much and thus gang raped or an innocent man hustling to feed his family shot and killed, there are no justifications for their resulting consequences.

#AltonSterling #BlackLivesMatter

On a Saturday night out with the girls, all dolled up, men approach you and no matter how nice or rude you try to be it’s like they don’t get it. On a particular occasion, a man bumped into a young woman and was very touchy as he apologized, she requested that he not touch her, and he turned into another person aside from the one that was just trying to apologize so affectionately. “You must think you’re hot S***, you think you’re bad, well you’re not you ugly little b****, that’s why you…”, the slurs, profanity, and insults continued as he walked away. When these types of things happen it makes me wonder if it’s even safe to go out anymore. Who knows what could happen if a male approaches a female now of days.

Males are using whatever tactics they can just to save face and their pride. Chloroform cloths are being heavily used on women, along with date rape drugs- Rohypnol or Roofie, as well as tazers, guns, and other weapons. It wouldn’t be shocking to know that women actually feel some sense of obligation to comply with men and their requests no matter the circumstance just to maintain their safety. To no surprise, campus crimes have increased. A couple of girls walking back to their dorms from the library meeting with their study group, and a male thinks that’s the perfect time to take advantage of the situation. As women, we’re made to feel so small, helpless, weak, and insecure that we need to carry our purse pistols, a shank, mace…and not that that’s a bad idea at all, but why has society made us feel so fearful that we need to utilize these strategies just to make it back home safely?

Recently, well-known, socialite, Kim Kardashian was tied up with taped mouth and blindfold and robbed by two men dressed as police officers while in Paris for fashion week. Kanye West happened to be having a concert in the city that week and when he heard of the news he immediately canceled the show and went to be with her. People were outraged by the cancelation and took it out on Mrs. West herself.  People trolled, made accusations, and called Kim all sorts of names and legitimizing the reason she was robbed claiming that she shouldn’t have “all that money” anyway. Love, like, hate, or indifferent, no one should be made to feel so less than that anything they have can be taken rather it be physical objects or other things. This scenario isn’t too far off from what happens to women everyday.

download.jpegThis isn’t a rant for “men haters”, this isn’t a “women rule the world”-Beyonce combo, this isn’t to possey up and start a mob to start killing them off, this is to establish knowledge about what’s going on, in 2016 where a female can’t be too sure about her life’s state when a man approaches her. It’s all too surreal that our grandmothers were treated like queens when they were young. Given flowers, dated gentlemen who  thought they were lucky to have even have known the lady…times have definitely changed and not for better. As women, we definitely need to be aware of our surroundings, not caught up with capturing the “right light” while trying to take a selfie or other matters. It’s time to get serious. There are hotlines and helpful websites available. Talk to your mother, sister, grandmother, and other women. Talk to the men in your life too. Life is too precious and much to short to have it conflicted due to pride-hurt males.

Stay safe! Stay in the know!


#FilmMajorFriday: I Survived My First (Production) Runner Job

From Wednesday, July 6 to Monday, July 11, 2016, I received the opportunity to be a runner for Rogan Productions for a documentary they are producing about the daily life in a gun shop in Battle Creek, Michigan called Freedom Firearms.

You only see the extremes on TV, i.e. people who are super pro-gun, people who are super anti-gun, and the mass shootings. You never see normal, everyday people that practice gun safety and use guns for things such as hunting and protection, so this documentary aims to show that middle ground. Rogan Productions is based in London, and guns aren’t allowed in the UK, so this is all quite fascinating for them.


When I received the job offer, my first initial thought was of the movie The Devil Wears Prada when Anne Hathaway’s character Andy was basically a slave to Miranda (Meryl Streep) and had to cater to her every need. That’s basically what a runner is. You assist the director and producer by doing miscellaneous tasks, as well as do things like getting coffee and lunch. This was my first runner job for a major production, so I was REALLY nervous!

However, my experience was nothing like Andy’s from the movie at all! I feel like I got lucky with it being a smaller, more independent company, on top of the fact that the crew was very small and that this was for a UK documentary, not a major feature Hollywood film. Had I been a runner for Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie or something like that, I’m sure the experience would have been much more intense.

However, it still wasn’t easy! I worked 10-12 hour days every single day during that week. I had to write down and consent every single person that walked into the gun shop, along with detailed descriptions. I was responsible for picking up lunches and Starbucks. The most technical thing I probably got to do was change the batteries in the microphones and mic the employees of the gun shop.

The first two days were rough because I’ve become complacent with my little 5-hour shifts, 3 days a week at my part-time job where I pretty much sit at a desk all day unless we’re out shooting a video. So going from that to literally being on my feet from 9am-8pm (and sometimes longer) every day for 6 days straight was exhausting! However, as the days went on, I got used to the long hours.

The crew was amazing, and it was a fun experience working with the British! They’re such lovely, nice people. Plus, I could listen to their accents ALL day. The gun shop staff were also really cool and very knowledgeable about firearms. You could tell that they are passionate about what they do. The free food and Starbucks everyday was nice as well!

image2 2I even got to shoot for the first time ever! It was quite the experience. I might even go back and get my CPL (concealed pistol license).

This experience definitely reminded me why I love documentary films, and reassured me that I’m in the right field. I learned so much about documentary film production, and what it takes to make it to the top.

Additionally, before this experience, I was kind of anti-guns and didn’t want anything to do with them. All you see in the media is the harm that guns do, but you never see anything about the normal, day-to-day people who use guns wisely and practice gun safety, which is what this documentary is about. This experience gave me a different perspective on guns, and how the media really distorts and puts a negative stigma on guns even though 90% of gun owners use guns wisely.

THIS is why I love documentary filmmaking. It allows you to gain unique learning experiences, opens your mind to different viewpoints, and you learn perspectives that are different than your own.

I expect to be directing/producing my own documentaries by the age of 30, if not sooner. I know that’s a stretch, but I can do it. I can only go up from here! I’m thankful for having this opportunity, and I know that there’s much more to come. This is only the beginning.