I Boiled My Weave!!!

Being someone who loves and cherishes all things weave and weave related, I wanted to share how I revived my hair!

During the Fall time I purchased some hair from Kendra P., Miink Brazilian Hair Company and saved it to reuse for a rainy day! So I’m going to give a quick recap of how to bring your extensions back to life! (I cannot guarantee results just in case your hair does not turn out as expected).XhjiYakW

First, I prepped my hair by removing any old thread and combing the extensions from the weft to the ends. I also took a big pot and began to boil some water while I work on the extensions.

I then washed and conditioned all of my hair gently in warm water with organix “Coconut Oil” Shampoo and Conditioner. Normally I like to solely cowash my hair and not condition but in this instance I used both since it hasn’t been used in some months. You can purchase Organix products from Target, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. You can also purchase just a cowashing product as well, Pantene is my favorite.





By the time you finished washing all of your extensions, your water should be boiling now. I added 2 scoops of Silicone Mix into my boiling water. I carefully added all the extensions to the boiling water. Once submerged, I let the hair boil in the mixture for about 15 minutes.51XwQEYbmxL._SY300_QL70_

I removed all the extensions and wanted to make sure my hair was silky and shiny. To do this, I took a couple ziplock bags and divided the hair up into the bags. Then I filled the bags with a couple squirts of Pantene conditioner. I made sure there was conditioner covering the hair and closed the ziplock bags. I let this sit for about three days and rinsed and let my hair air dry over night.

My hair definitely was silky smooth and even now, it has been a week since my hair has been installed and it is still flawless and easy to manage. It’s not tangling and losing its luster. I recommend this method if you have some hair you invested in and can reuse, do it!

Are there any other tricks or hacks you guys use to revive your extensions? Let us know!

The AllenMichael Virgin Hair Experience

After being a living testimony by experiencing Autism and ADHD through a close relative all while having a passion for hair, the 21-year-old entrepreneur Tiana Bell created the infamous AllenMichael Virgin Hair extensions.

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Afro-Textured Hair IS Good Hair

“I wish I had good hair,” is what I used to say before I fully fell in love with everything about myself, hair included.

Growing up, many Black girls like me are conditioned to believe that our hair is not good unless it’s 1) long and 2) straight. Perms/relaxers were the cure to “nappy” hair. If your hair was anything outside of the norm, it was considered unkept. Being natural wasn’t even a thing like it is today, so rocking an afro definitely wasn’t encouraged.

Now that I think about it, I am completely disgusted with myself for believing in these ideologies, which led me saying things like, “I wish I was mixed so I could have good hair” and “I’m going to marry a white man so my kids can have good hair.”

What if society fetishized afro-textured hair as much as it fetishizes mixed-raced hair? I mean, everybody always loves Becky with the good hair. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my sistas with the afros.

Mainstream media contributes to this lack of love for afro-textured hair. It’s underrepresented and isn’t considered as beautiful as softer, curlier textures. Even people I know personally have this false ideology of what good hair is supposed to look like.

It’s time that we change the idea of what it means to have “good hair.” Black women have good hair. I have good hair. Afro-textured hair IS good hair. I had to stop and question…I don’t have good hair? According to what? The media? Pop culture? Men that drool over these Instagram honeys who are biracial with long, curly hair?

Caring for your hair, loving your hair, and keeping your hair healthy is what should constitute as having good hair. As Maya Payne Smart said in her article, “This Is How You Learn to Love Your Hair, your hair should “reflect great self-awareness, self-confidence and vision. Always remember who gave you that head of hair–your parents, your ancestors, your Creator. Then care for it like the inheritance it is.”

It’s time that we forget everything we were told about Black hair, and restructure our thinking to be more inclusive to all hair types, and realizing that mix-raced hair isn’t the only type of good hair. And for that reason, I rock my afro with dignity, confidence, pride, and love.

The Difference In Virgin Hair Origins

By Taylor Winter (Beauty Blogger)


Virgin Hair Extensions is unprocessed hair, hair that has not been chemically altered.

Many people buy virgin hair and do not know where it came from, or what the difference

is between Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian. If you would like to learn about the

difference of these origins and how to properly maintain your virgin locks, read more below!

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