Detroit’s Own Kash Doll Tearing Up The Streets

[Credit: Instagram iam_kashdoll]
[Credit: Instagram iam_kashdoll]
Rap is like a set-up. A lot of games and a lot of suckers with colorful names. 

I guess its true what they say, female rappers get it the hardest. Not only do you have to act like a lady, but you have to be as hard as the guys.

Rapper/Actor Kash Doll is tearing up the streets of Detroit one hustle at a time.

The former dancer announced her debut as a new up and coming rapper with the vision of not only branding herself as the next big female rapper since Nikki Minaj, but also her brand! The “Kash Doll” brand.

[Credit: Hot HipHop Detroit]
[Credit: Hot HipHop Detroit]
 “The only rap chick rapping better than these boys,” she says in her single Old Freak featuring IceWear Vezzo.

Kash took her fans by storm when she released the “2 On Gmix” with Tinashe. The bootylicious beauty has collaborated with few up and coming Detroit artist like Jwan, IceWear and more.

One things for sure, with all of her fame and fortune, Kash Doll has no problem with letting any man know that he has to come correct when he approaches her. Oh and let’s not forget about her old freaks either. If it wasn’t for them, many of us wouldn’t have a popping song to blast when we see our ex’s.

I appreciate her as a rapper more than a dancer anyway. She gives me something to dance to as I’m getting ready in the morning.

Be the first to check out her new single “Da Baddest” dropping soon on and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest and greatest on everyone’s favorite Doll.