2 Chainz Sued For $5-Million After Calling A Girl A THOT

[Credit: Love B Scott]
[Credit: Love B Scott]
By Sydney B.

It’s funny when you think you’re doing something harmless with your friends, but karma finds itself smacking you in the face.

2 Chainz is currently facing a $5-million lawsuit for repeatedly calling a girl a THOT, which stands for “that hoe over there.”

Back in March 2014, a video surfaced the internet featuring the rapper, himself, his entourage, and a young lady, who was invited backstage, Christine Chisholm, where you could hear the word thot being called out.

According to the lawsuit, Christine Chisholm claims that just two weeks after the video was leaked and seen by 10 million people, her everyday life was never the same. Chisholm says that as a result of the video she was fired from her job because her manager felt that it would only bring negative publicity to the shop.

Chisholm declares that after being publicly humiliated she has been subjected to a ruined reputation as well as harassment and abuse in public, and she say she wants $5-million in return!

Now call me crazy, but a year later and now you’re really ready to make an uproar? Yeahhh it seems like someone was ready for a pay-day.

Chain you better have her money and please watch what you say!

Do you think Christine’s claims were necessary or is she just blowing this out of proportion?


Justin Bieber and Usher Hit With A $10-Million Lawsuit

[Credit: Daily News]
[Credit: Daily News]
By DeVinnia M.

Uh Oh! Trouble is brewing in Hollywood and we’ve got all the honey to tell!

Remember back in 2010 when you were jamming to Justin Bieber and Usher Raymond’s billboard hit record “Somebody to Love?” Well it looks like they’ll need somebody to love them after just being hit with a lawsuit!

Virgina R&B Singer De Rico, real name Devin Copeland, and Song Writer Mareio Overton believe that the concept behind the song was stolen from their original song also entitled, “Somebody to Love.”

Somebody to love? Or is Somebody going to court?

Overton and Copeland are accusing Usher of stealing the song after they’d shared it with a music producer who allegedly gave it to Usher.

Don’t you just love the middle man!

The first time the duo went to court for this song was back in 2014, Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen believed the two songs had nothing in common. However, Judges Pamela A. Harris, Henry F. Floyd and James A Wynn Jr. sent this case back to court to

This time Overton and Copeland want $10 million for damages.

OUCH! If these allegations are true, what a way to sting back!

The Bieber/Usher version has a pop sound and a different meaning than the R&B version song by De Rico. Listen to the two songs below by clicking the links and tell us what you think.

Somebody to Love Remix-Justin Bieber ft. Usher

(Credit: VEVO)
(Credit: VEVO)

Somebody To Love – De Rico

(Credit: Reverbnation)
(Credit: Reverbnation)