Five Helpful Tips for a Successful Sweetest Day

Ladies, Sweetest Day is swiftly approaching and I’m sure we all want to get the love of our life together on this amazing day to show our appreciation. Why not do it the right way, their way and not ours? Here I have 10 tips on the do’s and don’ts to make this holiday one to remember for the special someone in our lives:

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Learn From the Pros

Everyday we wake up with the intention to do great things. Wether that be, being great at our new job, helping an old lady cross a busy street or just being a great friend, we all start with great intentions. Throughout the day, we experience situations that make our reactions not so great. Like this morning when that guy cut you off while merging on the highway. Yeah, I probably would have yelled and cursed him out too. But regardless, we allow temporary situations to distract us from our greatness. 

Take this  moment to learn from the pros. There are people in this world that wake up and plan to do terrible things, however we can’t be afraid to live amongst these frigid people. We must find a sense of peace in this world. It’s important to allow yourself to live and be happy no matter what evil the world may bring. 

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespere

This great poet and play writer, has a valid point. See, we can’t allow ourselves to be fearful of our greatness. It is the one thing that will get us to where we want to be in life. Our greatness allows us to see our flaws as opportunities of improvement,  instead of lack of skill. William Shakespeare, believed that everyone was capable of greatness, it’s just up to the individual to want to be great. 

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein 

Think back when that guy cut you off, what was your immediate reaction? Was that reaction necessary? Probably not, since he could hear how stupid of a driver he is and the fact that his past drivers instructor should be incarcerated for allowing you to pass drivers ed. So why allow that moment to cold heartedly piss us off and distract us from our greatness. 

Last week I made the decision to start going to bible study on a weekly basis. As a child Wednesday’s after school that’s where I would be, why did things change. Then I realized it’s because I’m an adult, I have the right to choose wether or not I want to sit in church for a few hours after staring at a computer screen for most of my day. 

As an adult I can choose this for myself, without my mom yelling about how I need to go. For years I chose not to, actively seek a church in my neighborhood because, “I didn’t like none of the churches in Kalamazoo,” or because “I already had a church home in Detroit.” Even though I haven’t been there in forever since I’ve moved away. 

However, I also wasn’t tapping into my greatness by feeding my spirit with what I believe in. Allowing my day to day routine be more important than my potential to be a greater self. 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

Being great takes practice, if the pros can do it so can you. 


Compromise? FOR WHAT? 

Relationships are constantly evolving, no matter how long you’ve been together; your relationship is always changing. New relationships are the most fragile, because you both are still getting to know each other, what you both have in common and so forth. In that case, compromising is extremely important. Compromising within a relationship shows loyalty and understanding. The fact that you are willing to accept something unusual for the sake of your partner is powerful.

However, you both should always be on the same page. Never ignore the wishes of the other, it creates unwanted issues and attitudes that could have easily been prevented. Most women find this hard to do, but demands a man to accept her flaws and all.

No fair for the fellas. I just recently did a post on PDA (public display of affection) and how it affects relationships. It’s common for women to flaunt their prince in shining armor to their networks, but most guys are private. This always a red flag in millennial relationships, because social media is the place to share your life. However in the event your guy doesn’t want to be plastered all over your timeline every monday, it’s important to respect his wishes.Don’t jump to the conclusions that he’s hiding something, or he’s ashamed of you. That would only mean you don’t trust him. Privacy is all he wants.

Now for the fellas

 If your lady wants to discuss something that is bothering her within the relationship, although you may think everything is all good, still hear her out. That’s a compromise, and this discussion could ultimately help the relationship one or two ways, (1) you find out that she’s the one and remain in a relationship or (2) you find out she’s absolutely crazy and you need to flee the scene. At the end of the day, both parties have to accept the terms and conditions of the relationship.

Also free time, once again it’s natural for women to be around their significant other during free time, even during that time of the month (regardless of how mad she looks) spend that time with her. Guys on the other hand, free time is….actually I’m not sure, so I’ll find that out and report back. But anywho, from hanging with my male friends in relationships, it’s rare that all of their free time is with their girlfriend. Yes women want all of your free time, if we could.

 Here’s how women feel about men and their free time. Men spend their free time doing the things they care about. Video games, basketball, gym or even sleep. When we know that you have free time and we aren’t even considered an option for some of it, we feel neglected. We cannot help it, we cannot control it. I’m almost certain there are little women in our heads sitting at a round table discussing consequences for being left out. HA! Laughing but I’m serious. 

Ladies we have to stop being like this. I know it’s not all of us, but it’s most of us and compromising only strengthens the relationship. Couples show that you understand where your partner stands in any situation and find a common ground that will work for the both of you. 

And you’ll live happily ever after.

Down with PDA? 


PDA” Public Display of Affection. Usually seen in your local parks, grocery stores, movie theatres and Instagram timelines. Consists of huggin, kissing, touching, posting, filters, and emojis. There is so much affection being shown for the world to see, it makes me wonder are those couples that affectionate at home and off the gram.

For example, I know a couple that chats a little on twitter but nothing too “steamy” —but in person they’re like two magnets falling into each other’s magnetic field. There is another couple that shares everything about their relationship online and where they are in public. However, when they’re at home they don’t even pretend to like each other. I’ve witness argument and all. I’m wondering is this behavior common between the two types of couples.

PDA has become so important to the validity of relationships. Especially, within the millennial generation. Being “Facebook Official” has gone deeper thanks to snapchat. But why is PDA so imporantant in millennial relationships?

Are you ok with NOT being on your significant other’s social platforms?  If you are not ok with it, why?

I believe relationships are always fragile. In the sense that at any moment a person has the right and freedom to leave for whatever reason. Ofcourse when you’re married there’s a longer paperwork process for the division, but you get my point. At any moment a person can have a change of heart, and being in the eye of your public or lack there of…I’m sure that can bring about minor insecurities, for either party.

I don’t necessarily dislike the idea of PDA, I just don’t believe it’s necessary. It’s cute to post pics here and there of various events or trips. But everyday snaps of your and your guy/gal, can be kept for your own memory. It’s better that way. I enjoy coming home and telling my roommate how the weekend was without her saying “yeah, I saw that on Facebook.” The story is so much better when you actually have something to share.

Comment below your views on PDA.

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#MajorKey to Relationships

In the hype of the new Dj Khaled album #MajorKey, and this random #NationalGirlfriendday holiday. I figured I share a few major keys to help in a relationship. 

First, let me say, I applaud love, especially black love. It’s so beautiful to see, two people love a person so much that flaws are forgiven and the beauty of ones soul is seen and accepted. At least that’s what I think love is like. 

But about those major keys. I’ve noticed being in a relationship requires patience. You have to be patient with one another for the fact that you both are constantly learning each other and growing together. I’ve learned that relationships are difficult when you aren’t patient with each other. You have to consider how they think before you assume anything. With being patient, you have to communicate. 

Oh I’m sure these sound like a no brainer, but people aren’t really implementing them in their relationships. Some people are really half doing their relationships. 

Communicating is THE major key. You want to communicate to understand not to just respond. This is why small argument boil over into fights over petty topics. If you aren’t having a good day, let it be know verbally. No one should have to distinctly read your body language, to see that it’s something wrong. 

The next key is empowering one another. Supporting “bae” is the best thing you can do for each other. Being each others biggest fan, showing love through the good and bad times. It’s guaranteed to strengthen your relationship. So ladies, if he wants to be a rapper, support him–listen to his mixtapes. Your opinion is the one he’ll consider. If his friends say he need a little work, he might think they hating. But hearing it from you, can only be truth. Fellas, if this is you I’m describing, listen to your girl don’t let your ego be the reason you don’t make it. 

So we have three keys so far. Being patient, communicating to understand, empowering each other and lastly, but most importantly–set time for each other. Pick a day during the week for about 5 hours and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t go to the movies are out to eat. Going to Applebee’s is not it, go for a walk, to the beach. Have a picnic or just say in. During this time talk to each other, catch up. Life keep us busy, if you have somebody don’t just spend your time with each other at night, when it’s time to sleep. Meet up for lunch in the park and TALK. 

Everyone is lucky to have some to cuddle with at night. Don’t take who you have forgranted. 

That’s #MajorKey

by: Jillynn Reese 

How Men Lose Respect For Women In The Relationship


“A woman who respects her beliefs is always in integrity and men are very attracted to a woman who respects herself. If he doesn’t, do you really want to date that man anyway?”      –

Many times us as women think that things will get better after we have given chance after chance after chance.  We’re so loving and forgiving, by  nature. But the truth is it won’t, because he no longer values or respects you as a woman.Something happened in the friendship where the man felt like he should no longer respect you.  Once the respect factor is thrown out the window, the relationship and  friendship  must end as well.

Don’t keep taking the same person back that treats you like trash simply because you all have known each other for years.

I have never had a problem with being the ride or die in many of my friendships and relationships. But the thing is, it has hurt me in the end, because these men had absolutely zero respect for me. I compromised so much of who I was to try to get these men to realize how much of a great catch I was. I dealt with a man who ended up having two children on me while we were intimate for 5 years . This man also violated me by putting a very defiling picture of me on the internet for the world to see. He disrespected my family and friends, yet I continued to pursue the friendship.

It’s not like I didn’t have a dad who wasn’t present in my life or didn’t come from a good upbringing. I think maybe I really didn’t love myself and wanted so badly to be loved by a man I valued as a friend, but was truly an enemy.  I  was so afraid to be alone that I took a chance on people who didn’t value me.

I stayed in unhealthy friendships that were toxic and were beginning to determine my worth by how these men were treating me simply because  I stopped realizing that I was the prize!

Once you stop realizing that you are the prize, the man will also stop realizing it . If a man doesn’t have to work hard for anything he wants, he then sees no value in possessing it.

Here is a list of 8 reasons why men lose respect for women in the relationship

  1.  Doormat Syndrome

Stop jumping through hula hoops for someone who is not doing the same for you. There should be mutual respect and a mutual understanding. A relationship or friendship is not one sided so don’t be a push over. If you aren’t receiving what you need out of a friendship don’t continue to do favors for this person only so they can continue to take advantage. Never let someone see your weakness.

2.Being Too Available

I had this problem bad! I would always make myself available for guys when they wanted to see me. It was always during a time when it was convenient for them, but inconvenient for me . Learn how to say no not right now, no matter how much you truly want to see this person right then and there. If he values your friendship, he can wait when it’s convenient for the both of you. Remember you are the prize. He is chasing after you because you possess qualities that attracted him to you in the first place. Hold on to that.

3. Overcompensating to Please Him

You do not have to be anything but yourself around some one who is truly interested in you. There is no need to manipulate or to overcompensate who you are. Just be unapologetically you and let that person determine if he  can handle all of who you are. It’s ok to be too much for someone. That’s what separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.  Men want to develop a friendship with women who are assertive and confident in who they are. It turns them all the way on.

4. Giving Him Your Heart to Quickly

Sometimes as women when we meet a nice guy, we fall into the trap of fantasizing on what it would be like to be in love with them or date them. Take it slow. Learn what he’s about. Develop a genuine friendship with him. See if you actually really like being around him, flaws and all. Don’t fall head over heals without actually having all your facts. Emotions are fickle and very deceiving.  You want to read the book , not skip pages and miss out on some very important chapters. Men run away from women that fall too quickly because it makes it seem as though she is emotionally unstable.


If you lie to him, chances are you’ve already lost his utmost respect. Nothing bothers men or women more than a habitual liar. How can you build a friendship based on lies. There’s absolutely no foundation there. In order to have a honest friendship, you must be truthful with who you are and accept your flaws and mistakes in life. Even if that means you had sex with his best friend, not really feeling him anymore, or decided to lie about your occupation. If you did any of those things, you now have the opportunity to be truthful

6. Not Keeping Secrets

If he can’t trust you to hold his secrets, he can’t trust you to be his friend . He will then isolate you and will no longer want to be around you. He should be able to tell you everything he tells his homeboys and much more.

7. Not Respecting Him As A Man

Women have a tendency to cut deep with our words when we are in pain or have been offended. When a woman hits below the belt she then devalues the man, in which he then reacts to the devaluation by no longer valuing who she is. It’s a deadly toxic cycle. Always choose your words wisely and make sure you are not doing anything to wrongfully offend your friend.

8. Not Respecting The Boundaries You Made For Yourself

MenMen value women who continue to respect their own boundaries. Meaning if you told dude that you are celibate and don’t have casual sex without a relationship title or before marriage than hold on to that.

While reading 3 Boundaries All Single Women Should Have , I found out that setting boundaries is not about making threats or trying to control the friendship– – ‘it is about communicating clearly what the consequences will be if the other person continues to treat you in an unacceptable manner. It is a consequence of the other person disrespecting your wishes. Setting a boundary shows that you respect yourself’

The friendship will either become stronger or wither away because that was the only thing the guy wanted in the first place. Remember your sex is way too good, don’t f*** for free!

Cuffing Season


Dating in College brings forth an array of different feelings. Some will clown their homeboys and say it’s dumb to engage in or tell their best friends to live free. While others are constantly surfing the net for pictures of cute couples, stamping it as #GOALS. I personally think dating is a give and take, you learn the things that you like and don’t like, your expectations, and how to consider others. I’ve dated while in college and it is another stressor on it’s own, you should keep some of these things in mind if you choose to make it official while in college.

Always remember to be selfish with your time and talents. College is a huge milestone and should be a time where you hone your discipline skills in regards to your craft. Indulge into hobbies and studies; find out what you want to do in your future. Sometimes being in a relationship can distract you from the real reason you’re in school to begin with and that’s not wassup.

We all are young, so make sure you have as much fun as you can. You don’t want to regret being so caught up in your relationship drama that you forget to let loose and enjoy these years. I’m not saying lose all morals but if you’re in a relationship, keep that happy balance for the both of you.

Be transparent and genuine with your partner, this is easier said than done. There are so many temptations in college; the weak are bound to fall into the thirst traps. It’s key to keep it 100 at all times and to be on the same page. If you’re vibing with one another, and your bond is tight, nothing can phase you.

I’m not sure when drafting for cuffing season really begins…but when you’re blinded by the hype. And you can’t shake that feeling they give you remember relationships take WORK. Remember to focus on the real goal and to always put your happiness first.

Show Your Man You Appreciate Him

By Tabinda Sial

Whether you have a long time boyfriend, a husband, or a relationship that just needs spicing up, the best way to keep the relationship strong is simply showing your man you appreciate him.  Continue reading Show Your Man You Appreciate Him

I Love You Detroit, I Love You For Real

Are you proud of where you’re from? In the short film, “Anthem of Us,” rapper and Detroit native Big Sean gives an inspiring story of why he is proud of his hometown.

He credits Detroit for his upbringing, and he reminds people to never forget where you came from.

In recent years Detroit has really been on the rise, rebuilding it’s downtown area with a new sport arena, new life in it’s businesses, and finally trying to change the perception of how people view the city, a city that not long ago was once viewed as the butt of all jokes.


In the film, Big Sean reminds viewers how the city Detroit prides itself on being authentic and what that means to him. He mentions, “It’s inspiring to work for something that you believe in.”

This is truly the most inspiring video I have watched in a long time, showing what a positive movement Detroit is currently going through right now. It’s great to see people shine a positive light on a city like Detroit.

After watching this video a few hundreds times, I’m proud to be from Michigan, although I’m from the opposite side the state, I have a strong connection with Detroit that I’m proud to have. No city is a perfect city, but like Big Sean says in the video, “You have to make each day better than before.”

5 Ways to Escape a Date from Hell


We have all been faced with the issue of dealing with a terrible date. Your date could be a complete slob or a complete bore, either way you’re ready to leave NOW! With time you begin to contemplate just walking away or screaming for help. However, right before you have a panic attack you remember you’re a nice person and begin to plan an almost respectful getaway. If you’re stuck on ideas here’s five ways you can shake a date without creating an enemy out of him.

  1. 20 Minute Emergency Escape Call

The most classic escape route is having one of your friends call you at least 20 minutes into the date. Regardless of what your friend is saying on the other side your response determines if the date is good or not.  Saying something as simple as “What? What Happened? I’m on my way!” could get you out of there faster than you think. Pretending that a family member or your friends need your help immediately usually works best. Remember to apologize to your date and make them feel as if you will call them later.

  1. Cut it Short

Remember that most dates should only last 1 ½ – 2 hours. So if you don’t want to go through the whole date but don’t have friends to call you make sure you guys are doing something that could be cut short. The movies isn’t something that could be cut short (also that’s a terrible first date), however something like dinner is the best one to cut off in the 30 – 45 minutes range.  You usually get food within 15 minutes of arrival so for the rest of the date stuff that food down and yell for the check. If he seems confused just tell him you’re in a rush and have to be somewhere to be, anywhere is acceptable.

  1. The Bathroom Emergency

Sit looking uncomfortable for at least 5 minutes then excuse yourself to the bathroom. While in the bathroom come up with something that requires you to leave because of bodily discomfort. This could be a range of things from diarrhea to an early period, regardless you need to leave now! Once you get back to your date rush out because you were not prepared for this emergency and must leave immediately before it gets any worst.

  1. Sneak Out

If this date is just completely unbearable and potentially dangerous I advise you just walk out the door and leave as soon as possible. No, this not the nicest approach and will most likely result in losing a friend completely. However, if you feel that your life may be in danger check for the nearest exit sign and smoothly walk out of it. It may not be the smartest decision to walk straight out the front door so take a back exit and never look back.

  1. Be Honest

All of the kidding aside, the best advice is to just be honest. Most guys appreciate honestly and will respect you for it. You might be surprised if he feels the same as you and didn’t want to say anything. Just remember it’s not about what you say but about how you say it. So don’t be rude about it just simply tell him that “You’re a nice guy but I don’t think we’re a good match for each other.” He may be shocked but once he realizes that you respect him and don’t want to waste time he will be fine with it. And you never know you might have just landed yourself a good friend.

Who Do You Love?| EP.2|Season 3

Hey There! This week on The Social B. Show we’re discussing LOVE, but with a twist of course. We decided that it would be more interesting to hear the views and opinions about the Valentine’s Day holiday from the male perspective. Sydney B. was accompanied by none other than growing artist Austin The Icon, Chad, Alex, and Ej. In addition to discussing the art of love, your favorite honey bee also delivered some hot topics during the Sting and was sure to wrap up with the Buzz Kill of The Week. Watch as three lucky contestants also competed to win the heart of one lucky lady. Be sure to watch the full episode and let us know how you feel below. Always remember… B Honest. B Humble. B YOU!

Ciara Shares Cozy Moments On BET Awards Red Carpet With Boo Russell Wilson

[Credit: Russell Wilson, Ciara Harris, 2015 BET AwardsMaury Phillips/BET/Getty Images for BET]
[Credit: Russell Wilson, Ciara Harris, 2015 BET AwardsMaury Phillips/BET/Getty Images for BET]
By Sydney B.

Cheers to new love and another chance at getting it right with someone better!

From slow dancing at the White House to spending time at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson give us a first look at their teenage love affair.

The young franchise player accompanied his leading lady Ciara to the BET Awards Sunday, where they posed together in front of several cameras. After recently suffering a temporary break, the beautiful couple looked nothing less than happy as they walked the red carpet.

“I’ve always had this thing for a rebel. I was pretty consistent,” Ciara shared with Hot 97 when asked about her dating life. “[Russell’s] an awesome person…Everything in life is about timing.”

Sparks are really flying between these two and we are loving it! It’s a nice change of pace for CiCi, even after a nasty break-up with rapper Future, she still managed to maintain her smile and grace. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that Russell doesn’t mess this up.

The “I Bet” singer shared a few backstage moments some with her baby boo, she refers to Russell as, and some without!

Check out her moments below:

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]
[Credit: IG: @Ciara]




Did Bow Wow “RE-Create” Erica Mena?

[Credit: People Magazine]
[Credit: People Magazine]
By Sydney B.

I can do for you what Martin did for the people. Ran by the man, but the women keep the tempo,” Beyoncé.

So did Bow Wow really re-create Erica Mena?

We’ve watched this growing model/reality star go from throwing drinks in restaurants and telling people that they can’t handle her mouth to her blossom into a beautiful woman that’s more about her future than the drama. But what sparked such a quick level of growth?

Weezy seems to believe that he deserves all of the credit for Mena’s maturing. After finishing out his time on BET’s 106&Park, transforming into a full-time actor with regular appearances on CSI: Cyber,  and adopting a more clean yet professional look, I’d say he may have had a hand in the actresses growth. In fact she’s even adapted a new style of her own as she matches the fly of her soon to be hubby!

This weekend the ATL rapper took his thoughts on creation to Instagram, after admiring his soon to be wife, he then commented under her picture:

“All me! Top to bottom! look at what I created [heart face emoji]”

Was Bow a bit too aggressive when he said it? A fan seemed to think so and had no problem with asking  “What you mean you created?” There wasn’t no shame in Bow’s game because he had no problem in reiterating the fact that he’s to blame for who Ms. Mena is today!

“Just what I said! That’s all me. Look at her from a year ago to now. She dress diff, hair diff, swag different. That’s me! As a man, it’s our job to put our women on and up so high on a pedal stool (pedestal), they become unreachable boy! That’s what I do! I seen something in her [that] NO ONE saw! Now ya’ll JUST SEEING IT!”

Now this is what we like to call a “little honey for your tea.” Shad has a point if you really think about it. Since her quite transformation Erica has been slaying on and off the red carpet, especially after recently being featured on a Rolling Out Magazine cover, in People Magazine, and a photo spread for Playboy. Out of respect for her husband she declined the opportunity of going nude for the shoot!

Way to go Mena! Plus you’ve got to admit she does seem and look much happier with Bow than with any of her former lovers that we’ve come to know.

Word to the wise ladies and gentlemen, choose to be with someone who changes and molds you for the better. Match your bunny’s fly and become a dynasty together!

Did Bow Weezy go a little over board with his word choice? What do you expect from your significant other?

[Credit: People Magazine]
[Credit: People Magazine]
[Credit: Live By Blovely]
[Credit: Live By Blovely]

Freedom Love and Bullsh*t| EP.7|Season 1

Free your mind. Love everything. Ignore all the BULL!

Freedom of expression encourages you to stand tall, speak loud, and go after what you believe in without letting anyone or anything stop you. This week on The Social B. Show, I sat with the owner and CEO of FLAB Entertainment, GianCarlo Williams.  FLAB Entertainment is an entertainment firm, providing entertainment services to up and coming talent. GianCarlo even dishes some juicy secrets during ‘Secrets of the Hive’. Check out the full interview and let us know what you think!

Always remember… Be Honest. Be Humble. Be YOU!

Kevin Hart Is Engaged

[Credit: Kevin Hart Instagram - @KevinHart4Real]
[Credit: Kevin Hart Instagram – @KevinHart4Real]
Love isn’t something you find, it’s something that finds you!

After five years of being together, actor/comedian, Kevin Hart has finally popped the question!

Kevin Hart and long-time girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, are engaged. Kevin proposed during Eniko’s 30th birthday celebration.

The Think Like A Man star announced their engagement Monday night, on Instagram, with a beautiful picture of them smiling as she flaunts her ring.

[Credit: Kevin Hart Instagram - @KevinHart4Real]
[Credit: Kevin Hart Instagram – @KevinHart4Real]
“She said YEEEEESSSSS… #Happy #MyRib #iF——LoveHer,” he said.

Eniko later posted a video of the proposal, and captioned it “I said YES!!!!! To the most amazing man in the world.”

Congratulations to the two! I wish them all the best and much happiness.