Kendall Jenner Featured In Vogue Magazine

[Credit: Perez Hilton]
[Credit: Perez Hilton]
By Sydney B.

Kendall Jenner is all about going big or going home! This Kardashian sister is bringing her own flare and fame to the Kardashian name.

The 19-year-old model, recently made headlines after announcing her lucrative beauty contract with Estee Lauder. Now she’s gone a step further with not just a one page, but a 13-page spread in Vogue’s December issue. For a new up and coming model, like herself, thirteen pages is a major deal, especially when you’re posing for Vogue!

[Credit: Estee Lauder]
[Credit: Estee Lauder]
Can you imagine what’s next to come for her? Maybe a feature in Forbes calling her the youngest highest paid supermodel!

The spread features Kendall posing in front of a gray backdrop, wearing mostly red and black clothing. Vogue has been following Kendall throughout her modeling journey, and it seems that they’ve taken a liking to the beauty.

I’m just happy to see her modeling with keeping her clothes on. Kudos to you Kendal, we can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

[Credit: Perez Hilton]
[Credit: Perez Hilton]

Chris Brown and Karrueche Can’t Get Enough

Chris Brown and Karruche
[Credit: Necole Bitchie]

Instead of Chris Brown singing about how these girl ain’t loyal, he may want to talk about how he can’t let go. His relationships are like revolving doors.

Same situation, different day. They break up to make up.

Apparently the rumors about Chris and his model girl friend Karrueche, being done for good are a thing of the past.

The two were spotted cuddled up, this weekend, during a flag football game. The event was put on by Chris Brown and Quincy to raise money for the Symphonic Love Foundation.

Recently reports were made that the two were officially over. Karrueche allegedly changed her number as well.

But, of course, as we can see love was in the air.