Swiper No Swiping!

What started as an illegal act of earning money has now gone viral and on to be one of the most epic topics of any conversation had in today’s society. Swiping or scamming, which can be classified as new terminology for stealing has become one of the top sources of income for teenagers and young adults all throughout the United States of America.

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What does Success Mean to you?

The way I measure my personal success is extremely different than the next person. The idea of the American Dream has upgraded tremendously, there aren’t many hoping for a ranch styled home with a white picket fence and a dog. This generation sees and breathes dollar signs, meaning 8 bedrooms homes with walk in closets, an indoor pool, and an assortment of vehicles.

But my connotation of success is different than that; to me, success is obtaining my Bachelors and eventually Masters degree. Black people fought for decades for the right to get an education freely and I will not let it be in vain. Not only am I black, but I am a woman also and even today women are denied an education, so I will work hard for those who do not have this opportunity.

Success is taking care of my Mother, Father, and siblings. If I have wealth and a place to stay, so will they, and if they are taken care of I have did my job. My family will want for nothing if I am living lavishly because you take care of those who took care of you.

Success to me is enjoying my career and happy to go to work everyday. I don’t see myself working a 9-5, at all. I am a person who likes to be involved and to dabble into everything. I want to be a Publicist, Real Estate Agent, own multiple franchises and more.

Success is giving back to the less fortunate because I am humbled and know where I’ve come from. I never was the kid who had everything and never acted like it. There’s beauty in the struggle and I work hard for all I have.

Lastly, Success to me is to having a healthy relationship with God and knowing I would be nothing without him, giving him glory and praise constantly.

I want to live comfortably and not have to think twice when I want to get something for myself. But I also want to spend wise and not be greedy. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype but money doesn’t mean to success to everyone. Try to think of things with substance and that give you a sense of accomplishment.

What does Success mean to you?

DIY Credit Repair

Growing up I never really understood the importance of credit and maintaining a good credit score until I started college. When it became time to get a car, apply for apartments, and other things I had absolutely no credit under my belt. That is until I went on a Spring Break trip my freshman year. I got a credit card and maxed it out, I was horrified. I’m writing this blog for all credit illiterate people like I once was, tips on how to repair your credit! I had to fall on my face a few more times and discipline myself before I finally got the hint. Here are a few DIY Credit Repair Tips to save your credit.

1. Know your score

First things first, you need to be aware of your credit score often! There are three different credit bureaus that manage and display your credit history for creditors: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. You can access your credit score from each bureau, free of charge once a year. Request a copy and review your score for anything that you maybe able to dispute.

2. Build Credit

A great way to build your credit is to apply for a small credit card with a low limit. Make a few purchases and make your payments on time. My suggestion is to go to a retailer or a credit union and apply for a credit card. If you’re getting something from the store and already have the cash, use your card and then make your payment on your card right after your purchase so there is activity on your card. For Example, if you’re at VS and buy an outfit for $60, use your card for the purchase and while you’re still there use your $60 in cash for the payment.

3. Keep Score from Dropping

To maintain a good score and to even increase your score, make your payments on time! I will even go as far as to suggest you pay on your “Report Date”. This is the date that creditors report to the bureaus and will reflect your score. You can always call your creditors and obtain this information, sometime it is as early as week before your due date.

4. Dispute Errors

As I advised earlier, get a copy of your credit history, after that you should highlight each account that seems to be an error. There may be paid balances still on your accounts as unpaid or maybe things that do not even belong to you. Go to that specific bureaus website and dispute it online. Even if it is as small as a company pulling your score without your permission, dispute it because every point counts.

5. Add Missing Accounts

At times it may not hurt to add accounts such as your telephone bill or utility bill. If you’ve had this in your name for a consistent amount of time and you make your payments on time, it is a good look to add them. The catch is, you are asking a favor of these companies to do that, so they get lazy and may not report that you even make the payments on time, so this tip is important but may or may not be vital.

6. Do Not Cancel or Destroy Credit Cards

This is something I often hear from adults, to cancel or destroy your credit cards when you no longer need them. Every open line of credit is beneficial, closing or canceling the account may do you more harm than you think. Keep the Credit Cards open, even if you don’t use them the fact that they are open and can be open for years is beneficial.

I am not a Credit expert, I am still trying to rebuild my credit as a college student. It is a hard task but the earlier you start the better you’ll be off in the end. There are so many adults being denied on purchasing homes for their family from their poor choices when they were younger. Please educate yourselves more since this is not taught in school or college normally. Share these tips with your family as well, it’s never too late to be proactive to have good credit!

Save That Money Honey| EP.3|Season 2

This week on The Social B. Show we’re learning how to save that money honey! Sydney B.  co-hosted the show with her sister Tiara Jones and together they sat with Financial Advisor Stanley Steppes to learn some better ways to help them save money. Check out the full interview and be sure to comment your thoughts below. Always remember…B.Honest. B.Humble. B.YOU!

2 Chainz Sued For $5-Million After Calling A Girl A THOT

[Credit: Love B Scott]
[Credit: Love B Scott]
By Sydney B.

It’s funny when you think you’re doing something harmless with your friends, but karma finds itself smacking you in the face.

2 Chainz is currently facing a $5-million lawsuit for repeatedly calling a girl a THOT, which stands for “that hoe over there.”

Back in March 2014, a video surfaced the internet featuring the rapper, himself, his entourage, and a young lady, who was invited backstage, Christine Chisholm, where you could hear the word thot being called out.

According to the lawsuit, Christine Chisholm claims that just two weeks after the video was leaked and seen by 10 million people, her everyday life was never the same. Chisholm says that as a result of the video she was fired from her job because her manager felt that it would only bring negative publicity to the shop.

Chisholm declares that after being publicly humiliated she has been subjected to a ruined reputation as well as harassment and abuse in public, and she say she wants $5-million in return!

Now call me crazy, but a year later and now you’re really ready to make an uproar? Yeahhh it seems like someone was ready for a pay-day.

Chain you better have her money and please watch what you say!

Do you think Christine’s claims were necessary or is she just blowing this out of proportion?