Monday Motivation: Virtue – Girl With A Purpose

virtuelogoVirtue- Girl With A Purpose is changing Princesses into Queens. This non-profit organization has its focus on youth mentoring as it is their mission to encourage young ladies to become leaders of their community by targeting refinement, self-respect, and unity.

The organization makes it their business to help young women within the Metro Detroit area to make decisions to become great community and business leaders.

“We encourage our girls that anything is achievable despite what the media says as long as they are dedicated to fulfilling the goal,” says Lauren Gillon, Founder of Virtue- Girl with a Purpose.

laurenLauren Gillon, senior at Ferris State University, created this organization with the hopes of changing the lives of many young women. The Detroit native is currently studying to become a Medical Director with hopes of changing and creating health care policies. With Lauren’s burning passion for making a difference, the organization values success, etiquette, leadership, and sisterhood.

The organization is known for facilitating events such as community health workshops, conferences, sisterly group outings, soup kitchen and food bank outings, and their well-attended Virtue Summer Camp.

The group’s mentors consist of hand-selected women from some of the top universities and colleges throughout Michigan. All mentee’s are young women ranging between the ages of 10 and 14 years-old.

Within the next five, the organization plans to expand their efforts throughout other cities within Michigan promising to guide, mentor, and further society’s newest young Queen’s.

To become a mentor, all interested applicants will just need to submit an application and undergo an interview. For all interested mentee’s, all applicants must range between the ages of 10 and 14 years-old, be Metro Detroit Residents, and submit an application.

For more information about Virtue-Girls With A Purpose, click here to visit their website.

As always… Be Honest. Be Humble. Be YOU!



Beyonce | Nicki Minaj | Rihanna : Are The “Holy Trinity” Rumors True?

[Credit: Utopia Suite]
[Credit: Utopia Suite]
By Sydney B

When a bey-hive that’s constantly buzzing, a navy that never sinks, and a dollhouse full of barbs join together one could only imagine the amount of damage these three Queens will do together.

Earlier this year, rumors spread about an alleged collaboration between Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, but Nicki quickly put the rumors to rest. After new evidence of an alleged ASCAP image surfaced online, this rumor once again had the internet roaring.

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
Now it’s no secret that Nicki has teamed up with both of these R&B diva’s separately. With Bey and Nicki’s recent release of the Flawless remix, and Nicki and Rih’s hit single Fly – it’s no surprise if these three produce a chart topping hit together.

In a recent interview with HOT 97’s Ebro Darden, Nicki mentioned that a collab between the three of them would be “a great thing for black women.”

“I’ve been seeing the “Holy Trinity,” Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj thing on Twitter and it cracks me up. They always get pictures of us in like the same color and they’ll put it together and tweet it to me, it’s so cute,” Nicki says. “I love both of those girls very much and that would be so dope for black women, especially in a time right now when black women are so scarce; we’re so copied and …..discredited. Not given our full props when we create.

So, of course that would be a blessing. I would love that. I don’t think that would ever happen but I’m just saying, I love that it shows that there is a desire for black women that have a powerful movement to join forces.”

Hmm, if the rumors are true I am beyond excited to hear the raw talent coming from these ladies. Do you think a collaboration between the three of them would be a great way to start off the new year?

What Would Life Be Like Without Sisters?

[Credit: Big Sister Mentors]
[Credit: Big Sister Mentors]
She’s your mirror shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She’s your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. She is your sister!

Big Sister Mentors of Metro Detroit uplifts, empowers, and supports our youth by changing the world one sister at a time. The organization is dedicated to reshaping our generation of young women into ‘young queens’.

After seeing all the many tweets and instagram post about this organization, I was immediately drawn in by their dedication to our young women. The program embodies the essence of a well dressed, well spoken, well read, well traveled, and well balanced woman.

[Credit: Big Sister Mentors]
[Credit: Big Sister Mentors]
It takes a village of intelligent, independent women to raise a woman. The program is divided into two groups: Big Sisters and Little Sisters.

As Big Sister, you vow to teach your Little Sister that instead of standing against other women, stand with them.

There are many organizations dedicated to reshaping our young men, but very few focus on our young women. Although young women are excelling faster then young men programs like Big Sister Mentors is needed to keep our girls focused their future’s.

As a means of giving back, the organization volunteers for many charitable organizations and events dedication to serving the community.

For more information, check out their Instagram and Twitter pages @BigSisterMentors .