Summer to Fall Closet Transformation

Days in the sun
And nights in the rain
Summer is over, simple and plain
Found me some fun that’s good for the pain
Already told you, I don’t feel the same
I don’t feel the same

-Word to Drake (Summer’s Over interlude; Views)




Sunny scorching days, and warm humid nights…we’ve been dreaming of these times since the winter, along with the freezing, below 10 degree weather and the 2-10 inches of snow that we trudged through. As the warm weather peaked, guys were happy to bust out the fitted cap and shorts with the matching Jordans that they stood in line and waited hours for. For girls, sun dresses and sandals were the summer staple that could be seen in every color, with the occasional tank top and shorts or even the “bodysuit” and slim fit jeans.

Hope as we might, wish as we will, summer’s slowly coming to an end and fall will soon be upon us. With the change of seasons, many people think that they need to pack away their summer clothes or dish out on a whole new wardrobe for autumn. Sure shopping is always a hobby I can find a reason for…BUT that doesn’t mean fashion stands still! We are currently in the age of Hipsters! Think outside of the box, stay in the know, “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE” and most of all, BE EDGY! Most of your favorite pieces can still be worn up until that frosty first morning of winter while still being fashionable. Fall has been claimed to be everyone’s “favorite” season. Haunted houses, dressing (or stuffing-depending on where you’re from), horror flicks, pumpkin spice latte back at Starbucks, apple cider … and the ability to layer your clothes til’ your heart’s content; that’s the whole meaning of fall right?

Remember that favorite maxi skirt you wore throughout summer? Pair it with some cute booties, accessorize with a belt, chunky jewelry, a jean jacket…the options are endless, whatever your style may be. While the weather still permits, it’s ok to still wear those shorts; match it with a floor duster cardigan, moccasins or other boots, and a cute fedora or a floppy hat.

At this point in our lives, assuming we’re mature young adults, we shouldn’t be a slave to the name any longer, sure we all love nice things including that designer bag but statements can be made with cute finds at your local thrift store; as surprising as that may be! Plato’s Closet is also a great place to find new pieces. A good jean jacket, boots, sweater, and a belt can be the ultimate pieces that can accessorize any look and transform your summer fit to a fall favorite look. Get creative! Bring those plum and maroon lipsticks to the forefront of your cabinet, take advantage of the fall sales and stock up on cute light weight scarves, and you can’t get enough of that online shopping with sales on cute sweaters.

Don’t let summer’s fun coming to an end make you drab, stay fashionable and innovative with your looks.

Here’s a video that could give you some ideas to keep the closet looks in rotation.