#FitandFine for Summer 2015!

By Asmaa W

[Credit: Pinterest]
[Credit: Pinterest]
It’s the summer and everyone is scrambling to find their cheats and hacks to getting that summer body quick! I’m going to share a few tips I’ve picked up on looking good and feeling great so far this summer!

  • The Infamous Teatox

I’m sure you all have heard about the million different types of deatox teas out there. With so many different brands it’s hard to know which ones really work and are worth your time and money! BooTea is one of the pretty popular teatox brands. They offer a 14 Day TeaTox that includes a day time tea and a night time tea. They also offer a 28 Day TeaTox. The day time tea and night time tea can also be purchased separate.

I’ve actually tried BooTea so I’ll give you guys my opinion on it.

How did it taste?

The daytime tea tasted okay. It is reminiscent of any herbal or green tea. Well, the nighttime tea was a bit different. It has a very strong smell with a taste to match. It wasn’t awful but it’s not something I would drink just for the heck of it. I used brown sugar to sweeten the tea because I did not have honey but I tried my best to only add a small amount of sugar. I would recommend using raw honey because it’s all natural.

Did you notice an immediate difference in your body?

Well, I knew the tea worked the first day after using the nighttime tea. The night tea acts as a laxative. Make sure you drink it at a reasonable hour! I would recommend around 6pm or 7pm because any later than that you’ll be on the toilet all morning. The greatest benefit of BooTea was the energy boost it gave me. I was in the gym almost everyday and the tea gave me that extra energy to do it!!

Did you lose weight?
I was not drinking the tea to lose weight so I did not track my weight. I just wanted to cleanse my body.

Was it worth the price?
I paid around $30 for the 14 Day BooTea Teatox. Yes, I believe it was worth it because while doing this teatox I felt GREAT! I’ll definitely be buying more very soon.

  • Part-time Vegetarian? 

Sounds weird right? Well, after you watch this TED Talk by Graham Hill, the founder of the sustainability website TreeHugger, it should make a little more sense.

Why even bother?

Hill’s approach was more environmental but cutting out meat is a great opportunity to cut calories and increase your weight loss. Added with the proper workout regiment you may meat your goal a bit quicker than you expected. It will not be easy. I’m currently working on cutting meat out of my diet. Last week I only ate meat four days out of the week and this week I plan on cutting it back to three days a week. Give it a try!

  • Instagram Motivation

It may sound a bit silly but I follow accounts on Instagram that motivate me to hit the gym and eat better!


The lovely Angela hits the gym on the regular. I love following her! She works very hard and her results show!


Leader of the #FitThickArmy Ms. Brittany Renner takes working out very seriously! Just look at her body! My body might never be as banging as Brittany’s, but a girl can dream right?


Need some ideas for a post workout meal? Check out this page! It’s full of delicious and healthy recipes.

Okay guys I’ve shared a few of my fit tips to get summer time fine. Try them out and let me know how they work for you! Also if you have any leave comments so I can try them!

-xoxo Asmaa W.