Sorry guys, we’re Celebrating MGM this Monday!

“You can’t wear a tank top two days in a row, and you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week. Oh, and we only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays. Now, if you break any of these rules, you can’t sit with us at lunch.” -Gretchen Wieners

Happy Mean Girls Monday! In celebration of this auspicious occasion, I want you to think back to the first time you watched this amazing teen chic flick. I remember watching this movie and how much I couldn’t wait to get to school the next day and tell my friends about it.

Recently, I decided to watch this movie again and here’s what I got from watching it (as an adult who can quote this entire movie).


  1. Learn to roll with the punches: Life is full of unfortunate events, it’s up to you to go with it and continue to live or you can cry your eyes out and quit. In this case channel your inner Regina George. She was the goddess of not caring about other thought of her. Did your twist out not turn out right and you only have about 15 minutes left until you have to leave for work. Who cares, transform those wet curls into a cute up do or puff and beat your face. Life zip, blackgirlmagic 1 point.


2. Exactly what he said!


3. Remember, no matter how old your mom gets, she’s going to want to barrow a sweater or want to know what’s “hip.” Just keep her in the loop and it’s a little less embarrassing. Mom’s are great, everyone want’s a “cool” mom.


4. Chase the things you want in life. Your dreams won’t become realities if all you do is dream about them.


5. Accept that you’re perfectly flawed. We were created with a sense of uniqueness. Love what makes you different. You can complain everyday but nothing is going to change. Embrace yourself and others will embrace you too.

As a tween, mean girls was the best for all the wrong reasons. Every girl wanted to rule their school but with the wrong attitude. Watching this movie as an adult is just as funny, but mainly because you realize that either you were these girls, you hated these girls or you wanted to be these girls. What ever category you fall under, just remember on Wednesday we were pink!



Local Detroit Filmmakers On The Rise

[Credit: The Inner Circle]
[Credit: The Inner Circle]

By Sydney B.

Find your voice in filmmaking and go for it. People will either get it or they won’t!

The Inner Circle is a one-hour drama series filmed in Detroit, MI. Last night I had the pleasure of viewing the Pilot of this gripping melodrama. The first episode highlights an array of everyday obstacles like stereotypes, friendships, and many unforeseen circumstances with only one thing in common…DRUG ADDICTION.

[Credit: The Inner Circle] | Shiek Mahmud-Bey (left) Paris Jones (right)
[Credit: The Inner Circle] | Shiek Mahmud-Bey (left) Paris Jones (right)
Detroit filmmakers Paris Jones, playing Jonathan Rivers, and Shiek Mahmud-Bey, playing Dr Benjamin Taylor, are the brains behind the project.

“It was definitely tough balancing between producing the film and actually acting in the production as well,” Jones says in response to if whether or not being able to balance between co-producing and acting in the series was difficult for him.

The plot centers around 7 individuals, from different backgrounds, who all suffer from various cases of drug addiction. Dr. Benjamin Taylor is what you would define as a calm and controlled. As the Founder and Chief Psychiatrist at The Brentwood Center for Recovery, although his job is to try and help people, Dr. Ben also a few of his own demons that he’s forced to battle in his personal life. This Dr. certainly will have some explaining to do as this story unfolds.

Did I mention that his daughter may or may not be the root of the problem?

Some major plot twist my friends!

“We wanted to give everyone a good story that people will be able to attract to,” says Paris Jones.

The rehabilitation center was sponsored by the Detroit Recovery Project. Prior to production, cast members spent at least one night in this all male home to see just what’s it like to temporarily have to live in a recovery center.

So when character Roxy Raquel, played by actress Lanika Wise, says that they were sleeping in “lumpy a– beds” she literally meant that these beds were really lumpy and uncomfortable. It somewhat reminds me of having to sleep on those extra stiff blue cots in kindergarten!

Check out the series trailer below:

The creators of this intriguing series are hoping that with the right actors, actresses and local network partner, Detroit may have an original series that we can even continue to see 10 years down the line! You don’t wake up a drug addict, You don’t wake up homeless.

What do you think about this one-hour drama? Is this due to make an imprint in the film industry in Detroit?

Check out more behind the scene photo’s below: