Beauty at a Cost

DIYs and YouTube tutorials have become the go-to guru for all things. From interior decorating, maintenance on vehicles, and beauty needs; there’s a video for everything. Speaking of beauty…sometimes we get so lost in the products and the names and the “skin care routines” that some of our favorite YouTubers utilize that we might do more harm than good.

Did you know, that you should never exfoliate dirty skin?! There are thousands of exfoliant products that are advertised to us, that tell us that we NEED to exfoliate regularly to keep the dead skin to a minimum, but… if you’re face isn’t clean then it makes zero sense to exfoliate. The granulates in the exfoliants actually press the dirt deeper into the skin, creating dark areas, black heads, and clogged pores. We think that we’re cleaning but we’re not. And clean doesn’t just mean splashed with water or lathered with bar soap… An exfoliant is not the same thing as a cleanser and should only be used once a week, give or take the type of skin you may have while cleansers should be used twice a day essentially. Skin types are very important to recognize. From oily, to dry to normal to a combination of the sorts, this recognition helps you to choose products that will work along with your skin rather than against.

Rgiphy-1ule of thumb, if you do nothing else… Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Keys that lead to great, clear, firm, supple skin! #staywoke

makeup brushes.jpg

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”, we all know that, but pinching pennies could lead to bacteria and even fungus growing in your makeup products. Mascara only has a utilization life of about three months. As air and other matter seeps into the mascara container with each use, it makes it more susceptible for those growths and using the product after its expiration date can cause pink eye, a stye, or other problems. Not washing your makeup brushes is also a dead shot to bacteria build up. Foundation, concealer, bronzers, and other makeup generally only have a “safe” life of about six months to a year, after that it would be a good idea to replace those products.


One YouTuber who’s caught my eye with her makeup handy tricks and tips is Michelle Phan. She’s gained populairty over the years allowing her to develop her own website, watching just a few of her vids, she’s shown me that you don’t need expensive products to make those makeup tutorials come to life. That’s right! Aside from E.L.F and NYX products being just a couple of the more affordable and quality brands,  some of your basic house hold items can be utilized for a lot of beauty tasks. For example, cleaning makeup brushes is a “major key” and sometimes getting that foundation out of those bristles is a stubborn job but a 2:1 ratio of Dawn dish soap and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a super fast and easy way to clean those brushes compared to purchasing a basic solution. Most DIY-Beet-Blush-and-Lip-.jpgmakeup products can be made right at home with just a few simple ingredients, petroleum jelly or moisturizer, eye shadow or other powder, and an essential oil. This combination of ingredients can be used for a few things like a lipstick or gloss, blush, amplified eye shadows, and even a high light or contour cream.


There may be tutorials and guidelines all over the web that you can look up, but there’s no law against cutting a few corners or saving a buck. Check out some DIY’s and get creative!!!




Buzz of the Day: Fight Breaks Out At Wal-Mart

Walmart at 8500 Golf Road, NIles. PhotoPat Krochmal
[Credit: College Council]
By Sydney B.

SECURITY! Clean up in aisle 1 please.

You have to follow your heart and if it happens to lead you to Wal-Mart then so be it.

Well, it seemed that the hearts of these two ladies lead them to Wal-Mart at the wrong time. Why? Well out of nowhere they just begin fighting.

It’s not clear as to why these two Indiana women started fighting in the shampoo aisle, but it’s very evident that one of the ladies may not be teaching her son what to do when he see’s someone close to him fighting. As the fight begins the 6-year-old child is seen not only pouring shampoo on the woman’s head, but also kicking and punching the woman in the face.

This little boy needs his tail handed to him, and where in the world was security!

Check out the video below:

Onlookers were heard in the background bantering over whether or not the young boy should join and defend his mom.

BUT…as they argued and called out that help is on the way why didn’t anyone try to break it up. Instead of calling it “white trash at it’s finest,” why didn’t anyone put forth the effort to try and defuse the situation. Don’t let me get started on the actions of the 6-year-old.

Are you really teaching your son that it’s ok to hit women? Just a little honey in your tea for you to think about!

What’s your take on this incident?

Kicker Of The Day: Man Faces Felony Charges For Pointing Banana At Police Officer

[Credit: Mesa County Sheriff's Office]
[Credit: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office]
By Sydney B.

Well this is awkward!

While the jury decided whether or not Officer Darren Wilson should be convicted after he killed Mike Brown, a Denver resident was taken into custody after he allegedly pointed a banana at a pair of Mesa County deputies.

Nathan Channing, a 27-year-old Fruitvale resident, was arrested Sunday for what he claims was only a mere joke.

Mesa County deputies Joshua Bunch and Donald Love reported that they feared for their lives as Channing pointed the yellow banana at them as if it were a hand gun. Deputy Bunch confirmed that as he began drawing his service weapon Channing immediately yelled, “It’s a banana.”

Channing also went on to tell the deputies that the incident was just merely a trial run for a planned YouTube video that he thought would “lighten the holiday spirit.”

A round of applause is in order for Channing for being the Donkey of the Day! Everyone, well almost everyone, knows that you can’t just go around pointing things at officers especially when they put their lives on the line everyday.

Big ups to the deputies though for not shooting Channing over his harmless, but stupid, nonetheless, prank.

If Nathan Channing is convicted of the charges, he could receive one to three years in prison and a fine between $1,000 and $10,000.